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Random symptoms

Going to be a bit long winded
I was diagnosed pre- diabetic in September 2019 bordering on sugar values ( pp sugar was 150mg/dl, to add cholesterol was high and also Uric acid ) But I have never experienced any real symptoms like thirst etc but in general I am big eater so I am quite hungry frequently from childhood

Since then I have been checking quite constantly my sugar values and they vary but are generally under controls although my fasting sugar is generally 90 or above pp is around 120

But I have been experiencing a lot of things and can not quite correlate as I have gerd and sinusitis so thought all was related to that I am reaching out to this forum to see if anyone has experienced similar or is this actually a diabetic related issues

1. Had Ballantis 3 months ago
2. White spots on tonsils - 3 months ago doesn’t hurt
3. General uneasiness with stomach ( no diarrhoea or pain )
4. Cold feet becoming more regular
5. Hot head especially evenings
6. Generally tired ness or mood swings with a lot of irritably and anger

Are any above of the above less common symptoms or indicate diabetic conditions no doctor has been able to conclusively tell anything and I am just worried as everything is causing me more anxiety
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