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Recently whenever I checked my fasting blood sugar it is not below 170. I take Metformin Extended Release 1000 mg two times a day and Glipizide 10mg two times a day. Still the numbers are almost same at 170 and sometimes crossing 200. I do moderate exercise. Any suggestions?
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To the person taking Metformin Extended Release - I just read that it had been recalled due to cancer causing  components!

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Considering that non-diabetic blood fasting sugars are usually less than 95, I can understand that you are concerned about your numbers.

To further reduce blood sugars, my first recommendation would be to look at your diet.  Particularly consider eating low carb, and certainly avoiding added sugars.  Some people, including me find that a ketogenic diet (focusing on very low carb, moderate protein, and unprocessed natural fats) is helpful for blood sugar.

Aside from exercise, which  you are already doing, weight loss, if you are overweight can help in lowering blood sugars.

Other than this, you may wish to consult with your dr in case any change in medications can also assist your progress.

Hope this helps.
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