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Type 2 Hypo state

Hi there I’ve had type 2 diabetes for 4 years now and my blood sugar used to be around 16.4 via blood monitor or 60 via blood test now after trial with medication and diet mods I’ve had it controlled between 7-9 for years but all of a sudden I’m feeling Dizzy, fatigued, nauseous, flushing cheeks, irritated easily, moody.
Now when this started I tested my bloods at home to find it as low as 3.7 mmol/L so I had a sugary drink and some breakfast and it went up to 5.9 but I still felt the same so over the last few days I’ve recorded it 4 times a day before and after food but it’s averaging between 4.1-5.9 never higher or lower.
I have consulted a Dr who has asked me to monitor it for a few more days and will call me again but nothing has changed in my diet or medication to warrant a change yet I’m in a bad way can barely do anything and the nausea and dizziness hit hard and then lack of energy.

I’d be ever so great full if anyone has any insight to this if more information is needed I can provide

Kind regards

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Hi Jay, I'm really sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly.  Has there been any improvement since you posted this?  I'm really glad you are working with your doctor.  Things to think about in terms of what could have changed your managed state and blood sugar levels are hydration, any new medications you may have started, sleep disturbance can affect the numbers, changes in routine, etc.  Here's a good article with a chart for numbers to shoot for throughout the day.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317536#blood-sugar-chart
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