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What are the best accurate and easy to use Glucose kits/meters?

I get my blood sugar and A1C tested every 3 months but I want to start checking
on my own. There are so many meters and kits available that I'm wondering what
the general consensus is for which one(s) they prefer?
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Most of them are good . Speak to your pharmacist.
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I am not in the US, but apparently wallmart has a good and cost effective meter, and the strips are also reasonably priced.  Please check it out.  I am not sure of the brand though.
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I find that the doctor's office is a great place to start.  Are you talking about over the counter kits?  Have you been diagnosed with type 2?  If so, you test daily then?  Newly diagnosed people often test more than that as in a few times a day.  If someone is meeting treatment goals, I know that they often don't have to test as frequently.  So, I'm just not sure what your situation is.  Do you have insurance and would a monitor be covered under it?  I'd go that route if you can to save yourself some expense. And then your overwhelming list of options is cut down.  You could talk to the doctor's office.  It's a common trend to have diabetes educators these days who can consult with patients.  
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Yes, over the counter, I was diagnosed as type II three years ago but have brought my numbers down to pre-diabetes levels and want to keep checking myself as it's a $345. visit to doctor.
ya, that's pricy.  Would your insurance cover the cost of a monitor then you just buy the test strips?  Or is insurance an issue in general?
The one I've seen a lot of people use AND like is the Contour Next One by Bayer.  
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Accu-Chek Offering a reasonable price on Glucose test strips.

For A1C I'm not sure how reliable the meters available in the market. So better to do it at local labs.

Usually many insurances support once in 3 months testing.

Even though not supported by insurances, some labs do the test at a reasonable price ($30+ to <$50)
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