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diabetes and hypertension together

I'm 27 years old, because of irregular work and rest, and I don't control my diet. Now there are hypertension and diabetes. How do you treat and pay attention to these? How can you reach the normal level? Now it's really uncomfortable and feel helpless.
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Many doctors declared high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus as bad companions, although they are not related to each other.
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you have answered your own question.  You said that this is due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

And this is your answer!  Change your diet. Take care of your lifestyle, even while you work.  This will enable you to change your health and become well again.

A counsellor may help if you have anxiety.  Medications may be needed for diabetes and blood pressure while you work on your health.  Following are a list of things to start with.  Suggest you make a plan and then work to follow it.

1. Make sure to get 8 hours sleep a day.  Quality sleep is so important for coping and well-being.
2. 30 minutes exercise daily.  This may be in a gym, walking, or anything you can do. Make sure you do this consistently.
3. 2 - 3 meals a day with no snacking.
4. Consider low carb / keto / paleo eating to reduce your carbs and focus on healthier foods.  There is lots of online information about these ways of eating.
- plan your meals
- easy breakfast foods can be eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage, unsweetened greek yoghurt with berries and nuts,  etc... Avoid cereals.
- plan lunch and dinner to be meat and veges or salads.  If you are eating in restaurant ask them to change the carb side (potato, rice, bread, etc) to salad or veges.
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thank you very much!
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If you want to get to a healthy weight for your height and body build I strongly suggest you talk to your primary  No weight loss program fits everybody.    Everybody is an individual.   Its important to consider  health issues such as  of course diabetes.  Plus if you're diagnosed with acid reflux  or other medical issues there may be  limits on what you can eat .  Be smart consult with your dr to know what's best for you.
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I'm not clear what you are asking.  Are you wanting to lose weight and be healthy?  There are various methods for that.  Talk to your doctor to pick the type of eating plan to follow and clear you for exercise  Losing weight helps many things if you are overweight.  To lose weight, food choice becomes imperative to be careful with.  Make calories count and get rid of junk.  Plan what you eat rather than 'grabbing' food when hungry.  Some do well on three square meals with 3 snacks in between spread out.  Some do well with intermittent fasting.  Where you stop eating at 7 pm and don't eat again until 7 am or later.  

What do you do now in terms of diet and exercise? And have you had any tests at the doctor?
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Hello and welcome!  Don't feel alone as this happens to so many people.  We have busy lives and it is hard to properly eat and take care of ourselves sometimes.  But we do encourage you to make yourself and your health a priority.  Have you had a doctor's appointment yet where they checked your blood sugar and blood pressure?  Was either elevated?  If you haven't had that exam, you definitely should!  If you did, what was your doctor's advice.  We would want you to follow that!  

Here is some information on controlling type 2 diabetes through lifestyle. https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/features/five-ways-to-control-type-2-diabetes#1.  Cutting down on carbohydrates, eating a heathy diet are important as is getting to a good weight that is within healthy BMI.  But do note that simply working on it and losing 'some' weight is better than nothing and you will impact your health in a positive way by doing this.  

As for hypertension/high blood pressure.  Again, there are life style things to try.  Cutting own on salt, eating healthy such as lean protein and lots of fruits and vegetables is important.  Losing weight if you need to. And exercising are very important for good cardiovascular health. Do make sure you are cleared by a doctor though to start exercising. https://www.webmd.com/hypertension-high-blood-pressure/guide/hypertension-treatment-overview#1

And if your doctor has informed you that your numbers for either diabetes or blood pressure are 'too' high, there is also medication to discuss with the doctor.

We are here to help support you through this.  

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I still very afraid of IT.  I When I saw that other people were very healthy and thought of my bad body, I feel very uncomfortable and sad, and  even could not accept this fact. I am looking forward to a normal life. What should I do? How can I have a normal and comfortable life? How should I adjust my mindset?
I am 27 years old and have a lot of illnesses. Hypertension and diabetes are generally available to older people. I feel very scared, I am afraid that I will die when I am young, or live a short life. My inner panic seems to be insurmountable. What should I do?
Are you over weight?  Are you feeling alright in general? That's a good place to start as well as to schedule a physical and do some tests.  You can do a fasting blood sugar test to let you know if this is even a concern at this point.  They will also get a blood pressure reading.  But I'm assuming when you say 'bad body' you mean you are heavy in weight.  We've attached a healthy lifestyle link.  You can start by making some changes in your eating pattern. Please see the above two links, one for diabetes Type 2 and one for Hypertension which goes through how to control through lifestyle. See what you can incorporate into your routine.  Again, please speak to your doctor to come up with a plan that is best for you.

If you have anxiety which can take the form of health anxiety, please also speak to your doctor about that.  https://adaa.org/understanding-anxiety/related-illnesses/health-anxiety  

Take baby steps which will still lead you to the path of better health.  
Hello, the web can’t find? Can you give me a new web about controlling of diabetes ?
I can not start the web above.
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