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my mother she is diabetes and have urine propleme, what she can do?

my mother she's diabetes level 2, and blind, she take this medicament daily for 5 years ago : losartan, Fer protéinsuccinylate, Furosémide, Oméprazole, insuline, Amlodipine, antipyrétique,  a week ago she can't stand up, we do some analyse to her and the doc tell us that she must do dyalisis, but am sure that there is another solution than doing dyalisis so the result of the analys is uree............1,98 g/L and cratinine............83.7mg/L, please help me
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I am very sorry about your mother.  You are saying her  Creatinine level is 83.7 mg/L?  Creatinine is a pretty good predictor of kidney function.  I'm a little confused by your numbers.  mg/L isn't a common way to get lab results.  Could you clarify exactly what is on the report?  Is that mg/ dL?  decileters?  That would be the common way to write that and if she is 83.7, that would be an indicator of significant kidney function impairment.  Which would make sense that they then are recommending dialysis.  My father in law was not well controlled with his type 2 diabetes.  He ended up hospitalized with edema and actually began hallucinating.  He was in the hospital a week and we were told that he either started dialysis three tines a week or he'd pass away.  He started the dialysis.  It was difficult but he got on a schedule and maintained it.  He lived like that for many years after.  I also am not understanding the info on her urea test.  (that's the BUN test, correct).  

What's happened since you've posted this?  A second opinion can be helpful but she does sound to have kidney impairment that will need treatment which is not uncommon for those with type 2 diabetes
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