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type 2 diabetes

my scalp has been itching uncontrollable. my sugar level is 250.  what can I do?
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Please see your Dr if you are not on meds.  If you are on oral meds and having blood sugars this high, you may need to be on insulin.  You should also see your Dr. about this.

If you are already on insulin then you should increase dose, as instructed by your care provider.

Controlling dietary carbs, exercise, avoiding sugars may also help in bringing blood sugars down.  

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You need to get your sugars (BG) down,  are you on any drugs?

you can stop eating carbohydrates (carbs).  Your body turns carbs into BG  that is what it does.  not just sugar but all carbohydrates...  eat bread, BG goes up, eat potato BG goes up, eat pasta BG goes up,  Most fruit will raise BG.

See a MD, see a good diatition.
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