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Diabetic Type 2 from Pill to Insulin over 40 yrs back to pill

I was told that one started out on a pill to control b/g, then switched to insulin for over 40 years. She said she did fine all those years on the insulin, but was told that 42 years is to long to be on insulin (she's type 2?) so now she was switched back to a pill (begins with an M) at night and no insulin.  Said she's lost tons of weight since off the insulin and felt really bad physically with the switch, but is now adjusting just worried about the weight.  Is 42 years to long for a type 2 to be on insulin?
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There is not a limit to the number of years a diabetic can take insulin as long at the insulin is working to keep their blood glucose under control. It is possible that your friend's doctor changed her treatment because she was not well controlled on insulin. Some diabetic medications take time to come to full effect. That may explain why your friend felt poorly for a time.

If  your friend is under weight I would recommend she speak with her doctor. She may need to make dietary changes along with the changes to her drug regimen.

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What are her BG reading like?

is she under weight now?
no 42 years is not too long to be on insulin.

Why did the MD take her off insulin?

what are her BG numbers like now?
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Thank you for your comment regarding the person I mentioned who went from a pill to insulin 42 years and back to the pill (M).  She recently mentioned that she is now on 2 pills - no insulin - feels better now and b/g 150 and under at times. Did not mention anything else regarding losing any more weight.  She has always been a good size, not to small and not to big and takes excellent care of herself. Only spoke for just a few minutes.  She does not like to complain. But I appreciate your thoughts and concern.  Take care.  Keep up the good work in reaching out to others...

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