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Fasting Glucose Levels

Quick question, I have blood work done every 6 months to keep an eye on my liver function due to some meds I take. I always have my lipid profile and fasting glucose done at the same time. My fasting glucose levels the past three tests have been 100 (9/2007), 90 (4/2008) and 101 last month. I know these are higher than the recommended number of less than 100, what kind of risk am I in for developing diabetes?

About me, 50 year old male, controlled BP, good cholesterol numbers (TC 179, LDL 77 & HDL 43) and 50 pounds over weight (down 60 pounds in 18 months) exercise 45 - 60 minutes EVERY day on a treadmill at 80 - 85% of my max heart rate since Jan 1st, 2007, yes it was a New Year's resolution that actually stuck!

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Jon,
Great work on the weight loss and staying with your resolution--fantastic!!!

Your glucose levels on those labs are just borderline normal. If they are any higher you would be classified as having a form of prediabetes called impaired fasting glucose. The best approach right now is to keep on your current track of exercise, weight loss and dietary changes, which has been proven to help decrease chances of developing diabetes by over 50%.Based on your prior success I think you are in great shape to succeed at this goal. You should have another fasting blood test done in 1 year to follow up and consider a 2-hour glucose challenge as well.
Take care
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