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I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at 41 , [strong family history],since then,with a lot of work  I have been able to control my sugar levels with diet and pills , I have a couple of questions,1st. is't possible to do a pancreas transplant,if it's what are the risks , I recently change dr's and the first thing she did was to check my vit D levels,results were low and she told me to take 1200 mg daily ,and she said the a  recently new test study shows a high number of people with diabetes are low in vit D,I recently start with feet problems ,burning sensations,specialy at nigth [ I couldn't sleep] she gave me lyrica and works wanderful the only problem I gain some pounds around my waste line. thank u for u comment
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First in regard to the pancreas transplant: yes, they are done, but usually in combination with a kidney(referred to as kidney-pancreas transplant). Most often the patients have very brittle diabetes and kidney problems, and thus require the transplant. The transplant is not without complications(as you know) and afterwards you need to be on many anti-rejection medications, so  it is quite a serious undertaking.

The Vitamin D--excellent work by your new doctor. We know that a large percentage of the US population has Vitamin D deficiency, and the estimates are higher in people with diabetes. I do not know if the vitamin D replacement with help your neuropathy symptoms however.

Lyrica is quite good at treating the symptoms but can cause some weight gain, so you may need to change your diet a bit to compensate.
Good luck and take care.
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