I want to loose weight but I hate working out. How do I make myself get up and go run or workout?
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Try to motivate yourself with pictures and just look for a workout partner., try also to get a workout playlist in your phone when working out ..good luck
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HOW! You have to want to do it! Apparently you don't want to diet and exercise.
I want it. I just hate working out. Can u please be a little nicer about it too. Thanks. :-)
Don't you hate being overweight, unhealthy, and possible medical problems? I'm sorry if  I came off as being mean to you! You have to make up your mind and do it!!
I spend about 2 hours in the gym on Mon., Wed., and Fri. and Tue. and Thur. about 30 - 45 min.
You feel good after a good workout!
I forgot to mention Check the following paleo Diet and the Atkins Diet.


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Like get a fitbit or jawbone another band to wear that keeps up with everything.  Lots of people say those have improved their lives.
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