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Christmas to New Years

Just found out that most people disappear between Christmas and New Years and am wondering ... what will you be doing?  

Personally, I will need a great deal of support during that time and wish to issue a challenge to each of you.  Would it be possible to commit some time each day, even a little, to get on the board and post, especially throughout that time period?  

It would certainly help me resist those Christmas goodies and keep me moving in the right direction.  I do not want to repeat the downhill spiral of Thanksgiving .. at Christmas.

What do you think???
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I'll be around!!!! I know how tempting it is going to be with tons of Christmas candies and cookies and stuff so I know I'll need support too! My Aunt wants to start this weekend trying out cookie receipes....so it begins this weekend for me!!!!! I have to control the urges.
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I'll be here.  Need the support to get away from the sweets and treats.
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I have company coming that week, but I have every intention of checking out the board daily.  I will need lots of support and encouragement also - you know: company = lots of food = not enough exercise = weight gain, etc, etc!!  I will make every effort to post daily, but if I can't, please know that everyone here will be in my thoughts and prayers.  
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I'll be around too! I might have one or two days that i might not be online but for the most part i will be here!
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Unfortunately, I will be in FL. Well, not  unfortunately, but unfortunately, I won't be able to be actively posting!!! Since I will be soooo busy visiting family and friends (lived in Orlando for nearly 39 years!), I'm almost positive I won't be able to post. I do promise to try - does that count at all???
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Ill be home, my family is comming in, but usually I stop in early in the morning when everyone is still sleeping.
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You can count on me to be here daily!  Would never give up on you Ms. Ranae....anyone else either!   ; )   *Chasing the goodies away with a big stick*
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Can I borrow that stick??? :)
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Then pass it on to me???
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Plenty of sticks to go around....one for each of you!  ; )  Big ones too!  *Bigger sticks whack more goodies in a single swing*
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I am A m A z E d at the commitment and stick-to-it-ness of Everyone!!!  

Since this is "historically" the hardest time frame and the slowest time frame for the community, am wondering if we are all up to a Challenge???

For the week between Christmas and New Years, how about trying to invite some new friends between now and then .. and let's ROCK this place?  

We can share tips, strategies, exercises, coping skills and let's use this week as the Launching Pad for New Years!!!  We can begin reaching out to our friends, family, coworkers, other online friends ... and let them know this is not only available to help them .. WE need their support as we go through the holiday and enter the new year, revitalized and re-energized to make 2009 the YEAR we Realize our Goals TOGETHER!!!

I am commiting to each of you to realize my weight loss goal this year .. and believe we should each challenge ourselves to make some real progress.  Personally, I've been somewhat complacent since my tummy surgery and realize it is time to complete this journey.  

What do you think?  Anyone in for this little challenge and for using this week as a launching pad?

(((Hugs))) to each of you ... GREAT BIG SNUGGLY ONES!!!   Certainly appreciate YOU being here for US!!!  
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Ready for launching sequence!  ; )  How long til count down?  
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It may not be every day but I will be here.  We all need to remember we will get through these holidays together!
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I'll be here.  With high school swimming we are not allowed to go anywhere because of a meet that week.  :)

count me in!
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Hello everyone, I am new to this community and wanted to introduce myself!  If you look at my profile, the pics are old, and I have gained 25 pounds over the last year and a half, and that means there's 25 pounds I would like to lose.

To be quite honest, I have spent all of 2008 trying to conceive (want a baby desperately!) and therefore I have not exercised near enough, nor have I been dieting.

I know I am limited and can't do a lot of dieting while TTC (trying to conceive) but there's no excuse for not exercising!  I have a treadmill and a couple years ago, I was the "queen of the treadmill" and walked 3 miles a day!!

I have been reading that losing weight helps with fertility in some instances.  And I need to give it a try.  I am pretty much willing to try anything to get me a baby!  LOL  :D

The bad thing is, the side effects of all these fertility medications I have been taking, causes extreme bloat so that could be discouraging.  

I'll try to stay in touch with you all, and keep focused.  

Thanks in advance for the support!!  Merry Christmas!!
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