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Do you eat breakfast?

I like to eat breakfast, but everyone around me doesn't eat it. Sometimes it makes me bloated when i do eat it. So, do you eat breakfast?
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The truth is, everyone eats breakfast, in that it literally means the first meal you eat following sleep, hence the name meaning breaking the fast.  Some eat it soon after rising, and some eat it later in the day, so the real question is when you eat breakfast, not if, and so it's more a question of do you eat lunch and the traditional 3 square meals a day.  I eat two, but that's only since I got old, stopped working, and got a lot of odd problems that gave me a very odd and unhealthy schedule.  It wouldn't be my choice but it is what I do.  But I have never been personally a traditional sit down and eat a big breakfast type since I moved out of my parents' home at age 17.  On my own, I ate according to how I felt and how much time I had, and I shifted more to my father's habit of eating two regular meals a day.  The bloating could be caused by factors other than the fact you eat breakfast.  It could be you eat dinner late and breakfast early and really aren't ready for a normal meal yet.  In much of the world breakfast is a small meal due to the traditional midday break for a long lunch and nap and the keeping of businesses open late into the night, which made eating the last meal of the day rather late.  Which means, if you eat a late dinner, and get up early, not enough time may have passed yet for you to truly need or have room for another normal sized meal.  The second possibility is not when you are eating but what -- you may be eating foods at breakfast that don't agree with you, leaving you feeling bloated.  The traditional English and American breakfasts are not healthy.  Peace.
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Interesting question.  I know we are 'suppposed to'.  Pretty much every body of literature recommends it.  I think, however, people really either find it easy or hard and it remains that way.  I was never a breakfast eater.  Drove my mother nuts as I'd want to leave for school with no food at all and wouldn't be eating for several hours until lunch.  She tried a lot of things.  I found that things like cereal in the morning hold no appeal to me and other things take too much effort.  She did her best and I'd eat soup or oatmeal or a few bites of sandwich in the morning.  I have two sons. One is a breakfast guy, one isn't.  My son that is can put away a full plate and needs it to feel good.  My other son is like me.  Has to force breakfast.  He may eat some cheese and nuts, protein bar (few bites), sometimes I get him to eat oatmeal and he drinks some almond vanilla milk.  Very little though. But he seems to function well.  His blood sugar is low in the morning . . .  but a few bites settles that.  Anyway, these kids have been like this since they are tiny and continue the pattern throughout into their now teen years.  Both are okay as they are.  So, do you.  Eat your breakfast and don't worry about others.  :>))  
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Eating breakfast is important it's not important how much eat you eat you need eat less in volume but more in calories and always eat healthy it will give you boost to stay active for the day.
Thanks have a nice day.
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A lot of studies are saying that eating breakfast isn't such an issue as they used to think it was.  I've never been one to eat soon after I get up either and when going to school, my parents accused me of being too "lazy" to fix something to eat.  It had nothing to do with laziness - it's simply that I didn't WANT to eat before I left for school.   When I go a job, I didn't eat before I left for work most of the time, either.  All of that said, I'm all for a good sized breakfast in mid to late morning because I'm quite hungry by then.  

We've taken to eating lunch about 11:00 because that's how our schedule has worked out since we retired and that's when we both seem to be hungriest.  Lunch is our largest meal of the day since there are many foods I can't eat before bed, due to acid reflux/GERD.

Perhaps what you're eating for breakfast is the problem, you're eating too much or maybe you're eating too close to your meal of the night before.
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When I was a kid, I would notice that if I didn't eat breakfast, I was not very hungry at lunchtime either, but on days when I did eat breakfast I was starving at lunch. I felt like my stomach had been "woken up" by breakfast, or it was still asleep at lunch time if I hadn't eaten breakfast. So I went with it, whatever way felt right. Interestingly, didn't have a weight issue of any kind until I began to eat breakfast regularly as an older adult, but it could be the "older" part and not the breakfast part. lol
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