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Does coconut oil help you lose weight?

Alright, so I've read up a lot on coconut oil. I know that using it to substitute butter and olive oil in cooking is supposed to be healthier. Also, I've read that coconut oil is 90% saturated fat, however it's still extremely good for you. So, my question is, how are you supposed to take it to lose weight? I've read that some people eat 2 tbl spoons daily, plus cook with it. And I've heard some people mix it in everything hot that they eat. Any ideas? Thank you.
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I cook with coconut oil a lot; I haven't noticed any effects of it on my weight.  Can't imagine eating it by the tablespoon.
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The thing about fats is everything in moderation. Your body needs some saturated fats and coconut oil is a healthy way to get it. However, for people to take it with everything I don't know about that. How is eating food fried in coconut oil any healthier than eating foods fried in coconut oil? I also know that coconut fat is used in many dishes that don't have animal products in it- replacing one source of saturated fats with another.

If you want to look into cooking with coconut try to look into some Indian cooking. Also there is nothing to say you can't try cooking oil in baked goods. I use low fat coconut milk in place of soy milk (severely lactose intolerant, but I'm afraid of soy because it can cause goiter) in a lot of my baking. Coconut milk works beautifully in my brownies so if you want to learn what to do with it, perhaps you can try adding some of it's oil in place of another in a baking recipe. Brownies may not be on your menu, but try it with any other baked good. And let me know how it goes. I really want to try coconut oil, but I have to wait until after a gallbladder surgery before I'm able to digest fats safely.
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Thanks guys. Yeah, my mother and I baked salmon last night using coconut oil and it tasted delicious. I like the slight flavor it gives the food. Sorry about your gallbladder!
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Can I take two tablespoons daily  directly in my mouth?
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