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Headaches brought on by sugar

I have been trying to lose weight lately and lately I have been having headaches, at first brought on by stress and now, brought on by eating refined, white sugar, or eating processed sweets.  In short, I have cut down on sweets significantly or eat hardly any at all.  But it has only been a few days since I have made the decision to lose weight.  Is this common?
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I went through almost a detox period when I first started Weight Watchers and started eating in a more reasonable manner than I had been.  Many people report headaches or malaise when first cutting out sugar and processed foods.

Be sure you are eating enough good, healthy food and drinking enough water.
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Also, please keep in mind that eating healthier means eating more fiber and if you are someone who hasn't eaten a lot of fiber be prepared for issues with your stomach (bloating, gas and pain).  I wasn't prepared for that.  It took me about 2 weeks to get used to the fiber and now I have no issues with my stomach.  Good luck to you.  
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