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I.F. or eat every 3 hours for cutting?

Intermittent fasting 18/6 or eating every 3 hours for cutting?

Whats  everyones thought on this?

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There are some threads in the archives on this subject.  People differ so much from one another it's impossible to generalize.  If you want to generalize, then look up the Mediterranean Diet.  That's the bulk of the evidence collected by studying people long-term who are not overweight and are healthy.  They are studied for many years, so the data covers a lot of time.  It's basically eating the balanced diet low on animal and high on vegetable that most experts recommend.  It doesn't involve carb cutting, fasting, or radical altering of normal eating habits.  It more involves portion size, energy output, and the quality of the food you put inside of you.  My own opinion is that intermittent fasting isn't logical,  but there are people on here who are doing it and like it and are getting the results they want from it presumably.  My own opinion, for what it's worth, is that true fasting is not eating for a period of time, usually working up to a few days.  It's intended as a spiritual act and as a cleansing act.  It's not intended as a weight loss aid.  Intermittent fasting just seems to me to be, if you're eating the same foods at the same amounts and not altering the amount of energy you exert it can't logically work, but humans aren't logical, we're random collections of particles and so some people probably do benefit from it but who knows why?  And others probably don't benefit from it and it just leads to binging because you're eating the same amount of the same food in a shorter amount of time instead of spreading it out.  The other way, eating lots of small meals during the day, makes  more logical sense.  You never eat more than you can digest so presumably your system doesn't store as much of it as fat.  You have a consistent amount of nutrients in your body all day assuming you're eating nutritious foods you are able to assimilate.  But some people, particularly bodybuilders and intense athletes, eat frequent large meals because they're working so hard and that won't work for the average person who isn't working that hard.  So like everything, it depends.  But in the end, if you eat well, don't overdo anything including abstinence from the foods you love which just makes people unhappy, and eat a balanced diet rich in colored veggies and fruits, whole grains, and sufficient protein from sources you can assimilate, and you exert energy sufficiently, you should be fine no matter how you do or don't space it out.  Peace.
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I think a lot of us do a version of I.F. all the time, without intending to.  I know I do because I rarely eat breakfast and because of severe acid reflux, I'm not supposed to eat anything after 7:00 pm - that means I'm going from 7:00 pm to somewhere around 11:00 am without food, which is approximately 16 hrs.  I can tell you, for me, it doesn't help with weight loss because sometimes, by the time I do eat, I'm so hungry, I eat too fast and too much...  

I've talked to a lot of doctors in regards to my weight and every one of them has recommended the Mediterranean Diet that Paxiled mentioned.  It's easier to stick with and is about the healthiest diet there is because it incorporates all the food groups.  
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