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IM NOT MENT TO RUN! Another shoe accident.

So last time I mowed the lawn, I wore my goo white, running shoes. Then when I washed and dried them they shrunk and fell apart. I JUST got my new runners broken in, went to mow the law, wearing my steal toed shoes this time. When I came in from mowing the lawn, I found that my puppy decided to chew my runners. She never has chewed shoes before. Its just my luck. Hopefully they are still wearable as she just chewed the heal.
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Miss Lucey .. Bless your heart!  Thanks so much for sharing this .. and sure hope the chewed heel doesn't through you off balance.  Be careful .. ok .. and let us know how your run goes???

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I have to confess that I havnt ran in a month and a half. I was at my moms house for a month and took up the exercise bike since it was so hot outside there. The las week and a bit that Ive been home Ive been walking the same distance I used to run. Once my puppy is better on a leash, I'll be running again. (we attempted it one night and it wasnt too bad but we are trying to get her to heal and stop at roads and driveways.)
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Pretty intersting post! well good run with your  running though!
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