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Loss of motivation

I am 16 years old and so far I have lost about 16 pounds. I started at 196 pounds, I am now at 180. I've always ha a problem getting to 179 pounds- I've never been able to do it. So as I've approached this number, I lost motivation to continue because subconsciously I'm telling myself I'm never gonna get below 180 so what's the point?
I just need motivation back and I don't know how to do it.
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Hi SydneyAP,

One suggestion might be to throw out the scale and give yourself 3 to 6 months.  Find a Health Coach to talk with (if your parents are okay with that) and he/she will guide you through the process and be at your side while you are losing weight.    

By getting rid of the scale, you won't see that "number" every week. My process for dieting is not to restrict your diet but rather to crowd out the bad stuff with the good stuff.  Once you know what you need to be eating for good health, then you won't have cravings for the "yucky" food that's bad for you.

Let me know if this helps.  Good luck,  Elly
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Is 179 your goal?  If so, at 180, you're only 1 lb away; why give up now?  If you really want to go below 179, keep working at it......

We're all here to help keep you motivated.  Check out our weekly weigh in thread...... you'll see that there are a bunch of us trying to lose....... don't give up.
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