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Lower belly fat?

Hey everyone~ I'm a 17 year old girl, and I've tried tons of diets.
Currently, I'm just eating healthy, raw foods, and doing cardio. (700 calories running on my incline trainer every day)
But I'm skinny.. It's only a little belly lump that's bothering me. The little lower belly lump.
So apparently I'm supposed to do crunches, and excersises that focus on the lower abs- but I've never done this stuff. Anyone have any tips?
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Same with me. I can't seem to find something to help, so I'm just trying to track what I eat /:
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The belly fat is not due to regular over eating, but caused by bacterials overgrowth in the GI track. Taking at least 20 billion probiotic twice a day before meal, and cut off your sugar intake for 6 months.
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Thank you so much for your comment!
So no sugar for 6 months- does that include the sugar in fruits?
And what would you recommend for the probiotics? Most yogurts are sugary...
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Thanks for your comment!
I've been watching my calorie intake too, but it seems like even if I lose weight, the belly lump is still always there. :(
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Thank you so much!
I just bought some probiotic pills, but it says that the maximum dosage is about 15billion a day...?
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You can try doing the figure 8 hip roll.

Its the soft rolling of the hips, uber sexy and graceful, but a scream to pull them off because you are working on your hip muscles, waist, and abdominal muscles all at the same time. Do it for just a few minutes and you'll see what I mean the next morning. It's the basic, whereby other dance moves will stem from it. Especially in belly and ballroom(esp salsa, cha-cha) dances. Its used for toning the hour-glass figure.

I used to do freestyle, a few types of ballroom as well as pole dancing. This move is essential in all of them. Even now when I've stopped and am with my current weight, my friends still always compliment my tummy. :>
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Unfortunately you can go crazy with ab workouts and exercises but the most efficient way of losing belly fat is to focus on eating healthy. Foods like almonds, eggs, soybeans, apples, berries, leafy greens, yogurt, and salmon can all promote health especially while trying to building ab muscles.
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