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OK now I need help!!

So my DVD did not make it in the mail today GRRRR!! Which means its just me and my Shred next week again!! I'm only 4 lbs from goal and i do not want to plateau again or fail when im so close!! I know we was all talking about you tube and the vids. which others can yall suggest? i looked at the SP swimsuit bootcamp but alot of the moves look like what im doing on The Shred and i wanna change it up just a bit this next week!!  Any advice how i could mix it up with The Shred I like the Tae Bo maybe could do some of that!! This week i only did The Shred 3 times and 2 segments each time so this week I will be starting Level 3 Maybe that will help?
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Calm yourself, my child!!  You don't have to plateau - stay with the Shred and try to change the sequence or something, check out some of the videos on spark people, just go for a walk, make friends with your Wii Fit again.  Come up with some new low cal recipes to cook.  

Don't you get mail every day?  Maybe the DVD will come today or Monday?  

Hang in there - you can handle this.  I wish I was only 4 pounds from my goal!!  Wow that's awesome.  
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gokuangel - First, take a DEEP Breath and Savor YOUR Accomplishment!!!  You are 4 lbs from goal!!!   Wowwww .. I long for that day!  

Take a walk, do some jumping jacks, skip rope, get the Tae Bo out.  Go biking, try jogging and looking at the scenery and breathing the crisp air.  Do some power walking! - low risk of injury, aerobic rating 7-8, convenience is a plus and it is an exercise appropriate for just about everyone!  Get on youtube and DANCE!  

So .. how you doing now?? Feel any better?   Barb and gave you some excellent advice and the Wii Fit is also a great choice!!!

Many (((Hugs))) and thanks for shouting out .. you have and are making wonderful choices!
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10 regular crunches
10 bicycle crunches
10 crunches with knees bent and resting on floor to your left
10 crunches with knees bent and resting on floor to your right
10 crunches w/ knees bent over your tummy, alternating l.shoulder to r.knee; r.shoulder to l knee (10 each side, counts as 20 crunches!!!)
10 reverse crunches
10 crunches with soles of feet/shoes together (legs form a diamond, knees are wide)
10 crunches with legs straight up in the air and finally
10 crunches with legs straight out hovering about 6-10 inches off the floor!

Little secret:  My kids learned very early NEVER to tell me they're bored!  Somehow, this raised the "I'm bored" flag!  

Hey, you're welcome!  LOVE TO HELP!!!
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TY Guys!! I know i have to stay motivated i guess its that scary feeling of being almost to goal and worried you will fail!! I was thinking of changing up the routine of my shred like i said starting level 3 so that will be new!! i been doing level 1 and 2 so this week will 2 and 3!! I'm gonna die 2 is soooo hard!! LOL!!
LOL Twehner!! So funny!! I dont see the crunch i have to do on my shred add that one too!! You have to one knee bent and leg out straight 2 inches from the ground and as you crunch up you raise your leg then lower then again i guess 10 times and switch legs of course too!!
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Girl, you're sooo almost there!  Shred or no shred DVD, you could do this now.  You have all the tools.  I was just having some fun with you because I knew you'd know I was joking - kind of!  You don't have to have a DVD to know how to MOVE!

Take care.  We're all excited for you to cross the finish line!!!  We'll be cheering you on.
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Hang in there goku - twehner's right - you don't need a dvd to know how to move.  Turn the radio on and dance or vacuum the floors, etc - it's all exercise!!  

You are so close - don't you dare let the lack of a dvd keep you from getting where you want to be.  
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TY guys for keeping me motivated!! I"m such a slacker on the weekends but i got off my duff and did 30 mins Tae bo today!!! 2 days off just seems to be too much and then im dying on mondays when im bk to shredding lol!!
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