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P90X Vs. ChaLean

Hi There!! I was just wondering if anybody has done any of these programs? I am currently looking for an exercise program that will help me tone up my body plus lose weight- I have done some research on these programs and they sounds so similar but I really need to tone up some areas such as my arms, legs (thighs and calves), and my stomach area. I do have a belly on me, so I was wondeirng if anyone had any preference on to which program would work the best to help tone and flatten my stomach along with losing weight/dropping pant sizes. Thank you and any advice or tips to any other workout program is greatly appreciated!!
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I"m not familiar with either of these programs, but I seem to remember one of our members has ordered the P90X, I think.  I'm very sorry, but right off hand, I can't remember which one it was.  Hopefully, she will see your post and answer or I will remember who it was and contact her for you.......

Personally, I like yoga for toning and all around exercise.  It works the entire body AND helps you relax. My favorite dvd is "Biggest Loser, Yoga for Weight Loss".  It was recommended by one of our members some time back, so I got it because I like yoga.  It will kick your butt, without a doubt.........

I'll let you know if/when I can think of the member who ordered the P90X.  In the meantime, you  might look back through the posts.  It seems this was only a couple months or so ago......
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I've never heard of ChaLean but I do have P90X and the first thing I can tell you is that it is definitely NOT for everyone. It is very intense and you need to devote about an hour a day, each day, to it for 90 days.

It combines Yoga, Cardio, resistance training, etc.. and it is definitely designed to make you sweat. It's really geared towards people who are already more or less in shape but who need to lose a little more weight and want a little more muscle definition and tone. This sounds like it  coule be you but again, be warned, it is intense and not easy to do. You'll also need some resistance bands or weights , an exercise mat, and someplace to do pullups in order to do all the exercises effectively.

It's really not intended to make you lose a ton of weight though. I haven't been doing it all that long to see any results but I'm definitely sore from the workout.

They make it a point to say that this workout is not for everyone, that its very intense, and that if you have a history of head, neck, spine, shoulder injuires, etc that its a bad idea to try it out.

I enjoy the exercises though, but I usually can't go for the full hour on most of them. I do what I can, taking breaks when I need them, and usually tap out about 30-40 mins into them.  Like a lot of exercise programs though, what you get out of it depends greatly on what you put into it.
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Thanks for the info. I was debating between the two programs so i could actually purchase it, but to find out that i had a family member that had p90x so i am going to borrow it from him. And i may/may not be able to do it, but all i can do is try. When I was in high school i had been on a dance team for 14 years, so i am kind of used to what a real workout can consist of. and although i want to lose weight, i really want to lose inches and get back into my size 9/11 jeans. but thanks for the info :) and hopefully i can do the workout!
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Very cool. If you want an online workout buddy, let me know. We can commisserate together!
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that would be awesome! i have never had an online workout buddy before! lol :) I am actually going to start the program here in a few weeks. I actually have two weeks left of school before I get a break, and I have sooo many finals and research papers due its crazy! so I am concentrating on that stuff first and then when I am done with these classes, I will get a couple weeks break so that would be the perfect time to start :)
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