I recently got p90x. I am excited to use it! Has anyone else done it and how did you find it? What were your results?
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I'm not familiar with it, but there was someone a while back that was doing it. I'm sorry I can't recall who it was.   You might surf through some back posts and see if you can find it.  

Will be anxious to hear how you get along with it.  Sounds like it's pretty tough.

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Yeah looks tough but im willing to do it! I like how it comes with a meal plan as well. Gives you the breakdown of proteins, carbs, fats etc. I will definitely let you know how it goes!

I will search the forums, thanks :)
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My son just started this week.  He is doing it to bulk up.  He isn't using te diet plan but does eat a lot of protein and takes whey powder with milk after each work out.  Make sure you're already in good shape before you do this.  It is a very advanced program.
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i guy i work with right now is 25% done with it. he has lost a ton of wait but he isn't eating. hes almost al bones. says he lost 50 lbs from that a bit before. like 2 months.

ive seen a lot of people who done it right. and it works. personally. im waiting for me to lose some more weight. like 20 more lbs so i can do all the exercises. its intense so i need to make sure i can do it and complete it
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Sounds good. thanks! :)
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