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Paleo Diet

Has anyone tried the Paleo Diet?  I have ordered the book and will start it as soon as it arrives.  It is based on removing processed food from the diet and increasing fresh fruit and grains.
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I believe that the paleo diet did not originally involve grains.  Grains were not introduced into our diet until agriculture came into being. Most people where "hunter/gatherers" so they ate only what they could find seasonally.  

Of course, the closer you get to fresh food, the better it is for you; that's why we recommend that you shop around the "outside walls" of your grocery store.  If you think about where things are placed, you will notice that fresh fruits/veggies, fresh dairy, etc are along the outside walls.  The closer you get to the center of the store, the more processed will be the food you find.

A lot of processed food has had the vitamins/minerals removed, then replaced during processing.  Much better to have the fresh, intact vitamins/minerals.  Even with the grains -- the closer to "whole" they are, the better for you.......

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Sorry, I didn't realize the same post had been put up twice and I answered both of them.......let's just stick with one of them.  
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