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Quick POLL of members here: Hormones and Weight Loss issued

I was wondering if anyone has issues with Hormones and looking for weight management too. If possible can you look over this poll? -  
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I have always had issues with my hormones depending on the time of month and of course when I was pregnant but have never had a doctor think it was a big deal or do any testing to find anything out. I had mild cramps and sore breasts all month long till I started taking primrose twice a day. It has helped but not gotten rid of my symptoms completely. I had horrible periods as a young lady but my mother wouldn't take me to the doctor for it. Not sure why. Just told, "that's the way it goes." The answer has always been the pill. Even then they couldn't get me on one (too much bleeding or not enough relief) that helped. I have awful cravings and hunger two times a month, just before my cycle begins and when I ovulate. This makes it hard to keep my weight in check. I feel so out of control during these times.

I think hormone issues are just looked at as a way of life and something that is not taken very seriously most of the time. The pill seems to be a cure all for women my age and that is very disappointing. I'm not looking forward to menopause as I expect it will be worse than what I already deal with on a regular basis.

My thyroid was tested and was normal. I've lost weight normally and have regular (long but regular) periods. It's just a pain to be controlled by my hormones every day.
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It doesn't have to be all "thyroid" to find these things out on weight management... There's a whole circle of things that can be off. It sure sounds like you have some estrogen issues - whether too high - well that's a guess right now.

Thanks for your input.
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I have an underactive thyroid and have found it virtually impossible to shift the 20 extra pounds I'm carrying after 8 months of trying.

But I have been on cytomel 2 wks and I think I'm starting to look slimmer...maybe...I know it's really too early to tell but I think my face looks slimmer and my boss said she thought it did too, unprompted.

all my weight is on my stomach, I look pregnant. so frustrating.
I have the same problem.but I am going thru menopause.my doctor just gave me tapirmate,I sure hope it helps.im just lazy all the time.and I was never like this before!
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Yes I have problems with hormones I also have PCOS along with other things..my thyroid test came back negative.
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Yes, I do have problems with my hormones, I too have diagnosed with PCOS, I also grow hair in places I do not want it to grow. I have always had irregular periods, and I have done all I can do. What can I do to correct this issue? My thyroid has been checked, and that was negative. I can not lose weight at all. Please help...
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This is an old thread; you might want to try posting a new one, with your own information, in order to get more feedback.

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I have cronic acne and I start to believe it may be caused by my diet. I started dieting in February and kept it almost dairy free, ate only plane greek yoghurt. It got way better, had one month with no acne. The last month I started eating dairys for a daily basis and it came back. My hormones don't like dairy I think.
Brielle30 - this is a very old thread and none of the previous posters, other than myself are, currently, active on the forum.  It's unlikely anyone will respond to your comments.  

It would be better if you post a new thread of your own and people can comment on that, alone.  

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