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Starvation Mode?

So I started not eating breakfast to lose weight (calorie reduction.) I don't drink anything but water, and my meals are basically the same as they were before I did no breakfast. But no weight loss, instead 2 more lbs gained. I read something about your body conserving calories in starvation mode when it senses the calories are not enough. But I do not have any of the fatigue and hair loss symptoms of the "starvation mode." So, what is going on, why am I not losing weight? Does it have to do with my body conserving calories?
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My first guess would be that (unless you eat a "lumberjack special" every morning) the food you eat for breakfast might not contribute that much to your overall weight compared to other foods you eat during the day. My breakfasts are the lightest and most sensible meals I eat, and if I cut them out instead of dinner or lunch it wouldn't make much difference in my overall intake. At the least, it would be a slow, slow way to lose weight.
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Starvation mode, as you call it, only occurs if you're starving, which you're not.  Skipping one meal isn't starving.  Not having anything to eat at all is starving.  If you start only eating a couple times a week, yeah, for a brief time your body will compensate, but obviously not forever as if you go on like this you become malnourished and you die.  Not a good long-term plan.  Eating less food takes a while for the body to notice, just as eating more does.  Eventually, you will lose weight if you are expending the same amount of energy and taking in less food.  But calories don't determine your weight as much as how you metabolize the food you eat does.  You can go farther by eating a healthy breakfast but changing what you eat rather than how often or how much for best results.  You also need a certain amount of nutrients to function properly.  If you exercise, that takes fuel, for example, or you will be too weak to do it eventually.  You haven't said what you eat or how much or how often other than breakfast, so there's no way to know what your diet is like, nor have you told us how much energy you expend.  So again, you might notice in time.  But if your body isn't getting enough fuel because your other meals aren't nutrient dense enough, then yeah, your body might do all sorts of things you won't like by skipping a meal.  If you do get plenty of nutritious food without breakfast, you might be fine.  Or you could be one of those people whose body just needs some fuel to get started.  Time will tell, but rather than trying gimmicks, permanently altering what you eat will be a better long-term tool both for weight and health.
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Basically you are doing it in a wrong way because breakfast is important and you eat something healthy and you need to eat properly but clean and don't eat your dinner after 7 because your stomach won't be able to digest it properly and it will convert into body weight so do it in a right way.
thanks and have a nice day.
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