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Summer Weight Loss Challenge

Who’s ready for bikini time??  Certainly, not I……………..

With just 6 weeks before the first day of summer, this seems like a good time to start a new challenge, to get “fit and fine”, for the bikini, bathing suit, sundress, shorts and tank top, or whatever your favorite dress code is for summer.  

Oh, and let’s not forget that we’ll be healthier for losing those excess pounds!!

I, personally, have too much weight to lose, to think of getting into a bathing suit of any kind, this summer; I might opt for shorts and tank top …….. at any rate, it’s long past time for me to get busy and get the weight off.  

SO – in order to get as “fit and fine” as I can, and knowing that small goals aren’t so daunting, I’m committing to losing no less than 1 pound/week for the next 6 weeks – that’s from now till June 21st, which is the first day of summer.

“Only 6 pounds”, you say?……. well, that will be 6 pounds less than I weigh today, and if I am real diligent, maybe I can lose more; AND losing 6 pounds just might be the encouragement I need to keep going to lose the rest of the weight I need to lose….

I’m challenging every one of you to “meet or beat” my goal.  

All you have to do to join in, is make a commitment to lose at least 1 pound/week.  Can’t be *that* hard, right??  Hmmmmmm, we’ll see about that!!  LOL

So here we go; just post below that you want to join, then start by losing (weight, that is).  We will use our Sunday Weigh In thread to keep track of progress. For those not familiar with the Sunday Weigh In – this is a post that I do each week (on Sunday…. lol), in which we post our weight loss for the previous week, “brag” about our successes, talk about whatever problems we might have encountered, what we might do to change things, encourage those having problems staying on course, etc……….. Watch for it – I post it every Sunday morning, with the title “Sunday Weigh In (date)”.  

Everyone is welcome to post on the weigh in thread, whether or not you choose to join this challenge.

Are you ready??   LET’S “WIN” BY LOSING (weight, that is)……………….
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Count me in for sure!  This time I really want to try to lose the weight and am going to do my best to stick to it..Who else is going to join me?

Here's how to reset your goal on your weight tracker -- (as a reminder)

To Go to Trackers:
   Left Hand Panel see "Trackers" or
   My MedHelp, dropdown menu click on "Trackers"
Click on your Wt Tracker
On Rt Hand side see  +ADD Data Actions
Click on Settings
Then set or reset your goal!

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I'm in....see ya in the morning.
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I would like to join in if i may. I know i havent been around for a very long time.had lots of health issues, now i have gained 21 lbs, and feel ashamed and embarressed to face you all, but if i dont i fear the weight will continue to rise till i end up back where i was,
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Well, since I started this, I guess I need to join,as well, huh??  LOL

I have updated my weight tracker, and I'm ready to go........... this time, there will be no excuses!!  

Good luck to everyone

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Im IN!!!!!

Elaine: don't feel so bad...I gained like 30lbs back and I feel horrible!!!! I'm trying to get back down by this year end to my 270 again. We can do this!!!!!
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I am in, new at this but it's sounds like fun and what support
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I’m definitely IN with you guys : )
I was about to start that by myself but with you guys would be more challenging and enjoyable : ))  
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Welcome alleyhicks and AHani; it's always good to have new members joining us......

msniki -- it's good to see you back as well.  

Let's all get busy now!!
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i m new member in this team my weight is 225 lbs . my be i will win to achieve the task of weight reducing
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This is a great idea, I am going to be following along indeed :D
1470552 tn?1300605907
Okay Iam going to do this!! 1lb a week but i hope to lose more. I have a reunion on the 21st of May guess iam to late for that but want to fit in my jean better at lease by then.

Thanks Barb for starting this
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I'm in. 1 lb a week or more! :D
1483550 tn?1307285764
Oh yeah. Im IN!!!! losing 12lb by then would be great.. 2lbs a week... 3 would be better, but unlikely lol happy losing everyone!!
1666434 tn?1325262350
What changes is everyone making that they find that works the best for them with their weight-loss?  Don't laugh but just cutting out eating cheese helps me tremendously :)  Really excited to hear about everyone's progress.
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A huge welcome to those who have joined us this week............ seattlemom2plus is right; we all have to find what works for us... if you have something special you're doing that works, please start a separate post to let us know what it is.........
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count me in
1666434 tn?1325262350
Thanks Barb, it is amazing, no two bodies are alike and that goes for weightloss too.  I am amazed how my mother-in-law can eat protein and be on a low carb diet and lose weight right away.  Me, if I try to do the same diet, I gain weight and feel horrible :(  I actually lose weight eating more healthy carbs.  Has anyone else had this experience?
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im going to join, even though i only have 5 weeks instead of 6! haha :) hope thats alright! haha my goal is 2 pounds a week, equalling out to 10 pounds,but if i loose a little bit more then that, that would put me back down under 200 for the 1st time since last year :) i wont lie, i have serious issues staying motivated so if anyone can help me out with that id be more then appreciative :) can't wait to see how everyone does!! good luck <3
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Welcome to everyone who has joined the past couple days...... the more the merrier.

If you have special things you are doing to boost your loss, please start a separate thread, so we can keep this one for newcomers ...  of course, we prefer to have ideas that we can stick to over the long haul, versus pills, shakes, or other things that no one can stick to for any length of time.
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I want in!  We are starting a six week weight loss contest at work today.  6 pounds should be an easy goal.  I'm planning on focusing more on weights than cardio this time.  Here's to healthier bodies! :)  Good luck to all!
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I have to ask does anyone notice that they lose more weight if they don't intake too much coffee, or lessen it considerably?
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I am in, half way to my weight loss goal so far.  Started back in April and really want to get back into my clothes! Some are fitting great already.  

1666434 tn?1325262350
Congratulations Risa615 on the weightloss so far keep it up!  What has helped you the most with losing so far?
1217293 tn?1467354344
Keep track of calories on medhelp.  I am currently out of town for a few days, so I haven't done as well, but usually I log in what I eat and keep my calories around 1200 a day and I try to get 10,000 steps a day. Today I did 16,500 since my eating wasn't as good while not at home.  Ready to get back on schedule on Thursday!

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