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Sunday Weigh In - January 29, 2012

Okay, we've made it through another week and it's once again time for the weigh in.

My week was relatively uneventful, compared to some I've had recently.  It looks like I might finally have things squared away with my aunt (93 yrs old, recently fractured hip, etc), for the most part, though there are still little issues that come up on a regular basis. I'm finally able to cut my visits to her back from 4-5/week, to 2/week, and have some time to get on with my own life, which is a new concept for  me, since she's taken so much of my time for the past few years.  I'm sometimes finding  myself at loose ends, not knowing where to start.  

Anyway, I didn't do too bad with my eating this past week, and did walk every day, but one; made up for that yesterday, with an extra long walk. I did manage to drop one pound this past week, from 151 lbs to 150 lbs, but that's still not good.  I'm still retaining a lot of fluid, which I believe to be a result of my hypothyroidism, but my doctor refuses to give me an increase in thyroid replacement medication.  Additionally, I have not been sleeping well - I've been awake already this morning since 2:30 am - and when I don't sleep, I tend not to lose weight.

This coming week, I'm going to try to work on getting more back into my yoga.  I know when I did that on a regular basis, I felt a lot better, so time to give it another go.

So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it........ what about everyone else?  I hope you've all had good luck and been able to stay with your weight loss plan.  Let us know - we can cheer you on, if you met your goal for the week, or try to help you, if you didn't.  

Remember: we win by losing -- weight.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week.

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Honestly I've had a miserable week. I've been battling lethargy, fatigue, horrible constipation, nausea from the constipation, and depression. Then my grandma went down hill Thursday (terminal cancer) and passed away this morning.  And I happen to be half way around the world from all of my family trying to deal with this. That's one angry and depressed grandfather (who is a recovered alcoholic and has no other family besides us), a scared and hurt munchkin who lost her great grandma, another recovered addict who lost the one person who put up with her bs after she got out of rehab, and my reclusive mother who has trouble talking openly to anyone but me (because I see through her). All of which, I can't help from here. I was prepared for this and knew when I said goodbye in November to my grandma, I was saying goodbye forever. But yeah, I'm not doing well.

My exercise- thank god for my husband. I told him I was feeling depressed and unmotivated so he started dragging me out of the house and going on walks/to the gym. He's such a saint when it comes to dealing with an irritable and emotional me. Lots of cuddles! (And tissues.)

My food.. also pretty bad. Not exactly "binging" but definitely averaging about 100 calories too much. I think part of this has come from my fatigue. I don't have the energy to cook like I was. I can't handle being on my feet for a couple hours making meals and have spent a lot of time sleeping. This has caused my husband to do some desperate measures. Aka I had a tortilla wrap for dinner. He's not a good cook and I can't eat many things without getting sick. So ordering out isn't an option on days I can't cook. Atm I'm battling with my pms cravings too and my main weakness is peanut butter. Dear lord I want to eat that with a spoon! Actually no, I want to dip cheese into it, but I'd rather not spend the rest of the night in the hospital. Anyways, this week=the epitome of crappy and I'm doing my best to handle my desires for fats, chocolate, and food that would severely hurt me. Although honestly I think the only reason I'm remaining strong is the knowledge that the moment I stray I will have a severe gallbladder attack.

Thankfully the worst is over and I can find peace knowing my grandma is no longer in chronic pain. Doesn't stop the hurt, but at least it's some form of comfort. I just have to believe it will go uphill from here; I have to have faith I can turn my life around. Fake it till you make it right? All things considered, at least I haven't done much damage (only gained 100g) and I'll see my gp this week and force her to figure out what's causing my problems.  

Hope everyone had a better week then me.
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oops forgot my tracker
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I'm very sorry to hear about your beloved Grandma.  It's good that you can take comfort from the fact that she's no longer in pain.  

I know you've also been having some thyroid issues, as well, so I do hope you plan to get all that checked out too.  Make sure they do the Free T3 and Free T4, along with the TSH.  

Sounds like you have an awesome husband; he's definitely a "keeper".  

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My problems are nothing compared to Ducky406 and Barb135! Hope you both start finding life a little easier sometime soon...

I've returned to exercising and calorie-counting since the kids started back at school (Jan 10th) and so far have gone from 152lbs to 148. Not too bad. Another 2lbs and I'll be scraping the "normal" zone again. But that 2lbs will not be easy to lose! I know my body and the way it resists my efforts. It lets me get a little way and then stubbornly puts it's foot down for weeks at a time, no matter what I try. I'm aiming to get down to 130-something (ANYTHING below 140 will make me ecstatic) but just getting to 146 is gonna be tough...

I'm not very good at waiting for results. I know all the reasons WHY my body hangs onto the pounds, and can reassure others that change will come, but when it's ME hopping on the scales for the fourth day in a row to see no loss (or even worse, a GAIN) despite not slipping up on diet and exercising like a maniac (lol) I get so frustrated.

The one diet thing I tried that gave me the fast results I wanted, ended up backfiring. As it was bound to. It was the homeopathic hcg diet. That was early/middle of last year and even now I'm stuck with some of the bad effects (hair still falling out and bigger percentage of bodyfat than before).
This time I'm determined to look at the bigger picture. It's not about instant weight-loss, it's about working hard to get fit and healthy and down to a size that I can be proud of.
I've made my own diet rules this time around, and so far I've stuck to them. Usually by week 3 I've caved in and pigged out and given up, but after so many years of trying different styles of dieting, I've kinda worked out what I need to be able to stick to it long-term. It may not be the healthiest food-plan around, but I tried all-natural/non-processed style before and didn't last long. My one vice in life is food, and if I feel deprived I end up miserable and depressed and my kids get the return of the not-fun-mom. Of course I'd love to be a shining health example to them, and live off nothing but organic produce, but I'm just not cut out for that.
I figure so long as I watch my fat and overall calorie intake, and make sure protein is featured pretty regularly (I'm not the most efficient processor of carbs it turns out) as well as getting in plenty of exercise a week, I should be able to steadily shed the fat, without denying myself anything...

Anyway, here's hoping for a good week ahead for all the "losers" out there! :)
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I didnt do to bad in the last 2 weeks. I lost 1.4 lbs.
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Barb135- Thanks, it's been hard, but I'm so lucky to have my hubby. And no worries about my thyroid I'm going to kick and scream until she listens to me. Found some journal articles that might help; thinking about asking to see an endocrinologist. Either way, I'm not going to allow myself to feel like this.

CuteNsweeT - Are you having problem with all processed foods? (Sauces, box meals, fast foods, meats?) Maybe eliminate them slowly like removing all premade sauces and marinades and make your own. They can hide lots of sugar so it could cut some of the junk from your diet.
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I am down to 210.6 this week. That's 1.1 lost from last week, and down 1.5 from my first weigh in of the year. Not great progress but progress nonetheless.

ducky - I am sorry to hear about your Grandmother. You may have been prepared, but it's still not easy. I wish you and your family all the best.
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i weighed in at 203.6 i can't lie, im happy with this! i know its not a huge loss or anything but ive been in a back brace for over a week now so i can't do much physical activity!
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2-1-12 Wednesday

I weighted in at 200 so that  is a 2 pound loss in week three. That is a total of 10 pounds for the month. I am so happy. Considering that I am on my monthly cycle and I Maintained my diet during this time of the month. That is a big deal. I usually fall off the wagon around this time of the month. Also because I am eating healthier (I assume is the reason) I did NOT bloat bad this month. Just the first day (MONDAY) then the bloat went away.

I am still working out. But just not as much as I should. I just need to buy something that will help control my belly from popping out when working out or while wearing my jeans. I actually went shopping to buy something. But my baby girl was a little fussy so I left the store without buying anything. :(

Other then that...I also need to find a better scale. I noticed both of mine are off. they start at the 0 when I step on the scale. But then when I hope off. It shows to have added a few pound. So I have to subtract to get my actual weight.

Sorry for your loss. I also loss my grandmother last year due to esophageal cancer. So we also knew it would happened and although we were prepared for it. It still sucked to lose such an amazing woman who held the family together best she knew how. I still miss her and dream her. XX
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Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts, I've been overwhelmed by the amount of support I've gotten on here and all around. One of my "nieces" (friend's munchkin) has become a team leader for relay for life in honor of our grandma. That's a pretty cool thing for a 13 year old to do and it's pretty much the standard level of support and love I'm getting; big gestures and lots of love. I can't help but feel blessed.  
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