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Sunday Weigh In, March 7, 2021

Good afternoon.  How is everyone today?  It's a beautiful day, even if it's a bit chillier than we'd like it to be.  I'm pretty late again today as it's already been a busy day.

Everything is going well in my world and it's been pretty quiet over the past week.  I think my foot is healed about as well as it's going to be - it's still kind of sore if I walk too much, but it gets better relatively quickly, once I stop whatever I've done to cause the pain.

Physical Therapy is really helping my neck, though I do have to be careful not to hold my head in certain positions for too long a time as that causes more pain.  This week will be my 6th week of PT and I believe it's supposed to be my last.  Although it seems to have been helpful, I'll be glad to be finished with it as 3 days/week is quite a bit and keeps me from doing other things, as well.

I'm still trying to watch my food intake and am walking almost 2 miles nearly every day.  I've been able to drop another pound, for my efforts.  Yay me!!  That's a total of 7 lbs down from my high, so I'm feeling pretty good with it though I wish it would come off a little faster.  :-)

So how was your week?  I hope you were able to meet whatever goal(s) you set for yourself and look forward to hearing about them.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Wowee, seven pounds! That's a lot! I'm up this week. We had been a week without a working stove, and when the delivery guys came with the new one, I cooked and cooked and cooked, and we all ate like little piggies. Add to that, our favorite German restaurant re-opened again to the public (takeout only -- we'll take it) so we feasted on pork schnitzel and potato pancakes. I'm up a pound and a half from last week, when I had been doing OK on easing my weight slowly down. Have to get serious this upcoming week, it's going the wrong way.

Portland is recovering from the ice storm a couple of weeks ago, with lots of trees, branches and wires still down but getting handled. Nobody is without power any more, but on the street where our farm is, for example, though they put new poles in and strung new power cables so there is electricity, the old cables are just lying there. Presumably someone will come get them sooner or later, but it may take weeks. What else will take weeks is the clean-up of broken trees. Every tree you see has branches broken and hanging upside down, or lying on the ground, and whole trees the same (it looks more like a hurricane came through than an ice-and-snow event). All the tree fellers are busy busy busy, if you can even get someone to come bid on a clean-up job you're lucky. And once you get the price tag for taking things down that are broken, you might not feel so happy that they came to make the bid. We lost about half of a big silver maple in our front yard at the farm, and it may cost a couple of thousand dollars to cut the rest of it down and router out the stump. I can't imagine the cost to people who have lots and lots of trees. We have an old tree farm in the field behind the farmhouse, but I don't care what's cracked off those trees. We're just lucky most of our big trees near the house didn't come down. The maple looks like someone threw a grenade at it.

We're really excited that my husband got his first Covid shot. With a son in middle school and the proposal being made to open in person as of April 26, we were beginning to think he'd bring home Covid and my husband and I would both die and he'd be left an orphan, all because of opening the schools again before shots were available. Then the governor mandated that she wants kids to be in class in person again as of April 12. That would have been even more worrisome if neither of us could have gotten vaccinated. (At least this way, he'll still have a dad.)  I seriuosly can't imagine how multi-generational families are dealing with it. The only good news is that it seems like the volume of vaccinations is increasing, and seem on track to increase even faster. It will be a really happy day when our son gets his vaccination. We'll all be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Take care, have a good week, and cross fingers for some weight loss!
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