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Sunday Weigh-In April 21, 2019

Good morning... I hope everyone is doing great this morning.  It's turned off chilly here again - not spring-like weather at all and I had to turn the furnace on to take the chill out of the house this morning - well, I'd have been okay, but my husband tends to be on the cold side and wouldn't have been the least bit happy if he'd gotten up to find it down to 65° in the house, as he likes it much warmer, though I think he sleeps better when it's cooler - I know he snores a lot less when it's cooler!!

Anyway, this has been a pretty uneventful week.  We've had some much needed rain, which has kept me inside more the past couple of days, but the grass is beginning to grow a little bit and things are starting to "green up" - well, the weeds have been doing just fine all winter... lol

My neighbor and I have been lengthening our daily walks in preparation for the 4-mile March of Dimes walk we'll be doing next Saturday.  We still haven't done a full 4 miles yet, but we've come close and I think I'll be fine doing the walk, but I do plan to do a full 4 miles, at least once before the day of the walk, just to make sure I can do it.

Weight-wise, I'm back up by 0.4 lbs - I'm back to eating normally after my food poisoning which also means I'm back to my normal "digestive issues", so I suspected I'd probably gain some back.  I really must come up with a solution to the digestive issues - about the time I think I have them all resolved, I realize there's still some sort of issue.  I'm still of the opinion that my thyroid levels are off, but since I'm not able to get my doctor to increase my hormone dosage, I have to figured out another way to deal with it.  This has been an ongoing thing for 10 yrs, so I should be used to it by now...  :-)

Anyway, that's my story and I'm going to make it short this morning, because I'm off to meet my neighbor for our walk.  I hope you've all had a successful week.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Happy Easter! I just ate an egg-salad sandwich (made with one of the cracked eggs that picked up dye on the egg itself through the cracks) and a cup of coffee. No bacon, ham, sausage and pastry at the Sunday brunch bar for me, no sir! :)

Son is reducing his sugar, so in the little plastic eggs I hid, I put only a few small chocolates (like Hershey's Kisses) and instead, in twenty of them, I put one-dollar bills. Though not too thrilled to get less candy, he was very pleased to get the bucks. :) He has been working very hard to get enough money for some earbuds that absolutely I won't buy him, because they cost $139.00. (Can you imagine giving something that expensive and that easy to lose to a 12-year-old? Me neither.) This past few days, he has vacuumed the house twice (including closets probably last vacuumed at Christmas). He has worked on his hands and knees to wash and rinse the fronts of our white kitchen cabinets (they have crenelations and my husband is always dripping coffee on them -- it's a chore that requires Q-tips). He has mowed and weeded. Neither his dad nor I are stingy about paying for crappy chores we don't want to do (anyone keen to vacuum dead leaves out of the garage? I didn't think so), and I like it that he is this motivated, though he'll undoubtedly lose one of the dang earbuds and cry about it. We also think it's a good way for him to come to the realization he is competent. When he was vacuuming under the dining table, he found some dried grass not visible from afar that the cat had thoughtfully vomited there probably a week or two ago, and he worked out by himself to get Bona and spray it, wipe it with a paper towel to pick the guck up, and then to spray the area again with plain water to rinse the Bona off. Pretty observant for 12 -- he would only have known to do that second step by watching me, since I've never given him direct instruction on how to care for a laminate floor. I told him I was impressed by how much he knew about taking care of things, which clearly pleased him.

That said, the joys of work are not such that he was indifferent to getting a boost in the form of gratuitous money from the Bunny. Easter isn't quite as magical when one gets to the age where one is totally clear about who the Easter bunny is, plus this year was the notable reduction in the candy types and amounts. Putting the ones in the eggs was a surprise, and I think it helped keep the egg hunt a bit sparkly. I also hid the eggs in much harder places this time. (He isn't the most alert searcher, anyway. He kept walking back and forth in the hallway, past a very visible egg on the top of the frame of a painting.)

I'm down about .6 or .8 of a pound, depending on whether I'm breathing in or out when on the scale. The downward trend, though tiny, is nice. I've been staying very mindful about amounts and whether I am even that hungry. The snacks I've eaten have all been pretty high fat/ high protein (nuts and goat brie top the list) which fats cause me to stop eating sooner and the protein gives me the longer-term food boost. I should not be impressed with only taking the weight off in such tiny amounts (that could, let's be honest, probably be written off as water weight), but I don't mind whittling away at it this slowly. If too many weeks go by with only about a pound lost overall, I might have to try something else, but a few ounces a week is OK with me at this time.

Hope you have a great week!
Well, since all you had was the egg salad sandwich, I do hope the egg was colorful... lol   I didn't even color eggs this year since there was no one here except the husband and myself.  Husband isn't really good at looking for Easter eggs and what fun would it be to hide and find them myself?  lol

I think it's a wonderful idea to put money in the plastic Easter eggs.  I used to do that for my grandson when he was younger.  I, first started doing it when he was about 6 or 7 and I started with change.  Some eggs would have pennies, dimes or nickels, some would have quarters... I put varying amounts, mixed and matched or added a piece of candy just so there'd be something different in each egg.  As he got older, I still often put change in some of them, but upped the ante each year.  Once he'd found all the eggs and counted the money, if he wanted me to, I'd swap all the change for green money.  It was great fun for him.

I'm with you on buying a 12 yr old a $139 pair of ear buds... I can't imagine it, nor can I imagine him (or any 12 yr old not losing one (or both) of them rather quickly, but who knows?  They tend to be a bit more particular with things if they have to use money they've earned themselves, so after your son has done all this work, he may be very protective of them.  There's also the possibility that by the time he earns the money, he may decide not to spend it on something like that.  My grandson did that one time - saved money for something, then when he'd earned enough, decided he'd worked to hard to spend it on something frivolous - lesson learned.  :-)

Anyway, it sounds like your son is doing an excellent job helping with the cleaning, weeding, etc.  You're welcome to send him my way for a few days; I have plenty of cleaning and yard work I could use help with and we have a school just around the corner that I think he'd really like; it was one of my favorites when I was working in the Environmental department for the school system... I don't have a cat so there wouldn't be any vomit to clean off the floors.   lol

You're doing well with the weight loss - being down a few tenths of pound is better than being up like I was.  It sounds like you're finding yourself in the same situation I did with the higher fat/protein being the most helpful to weight loss.   I find that eating 1/2 an avocado/day will almost always allow me to end up taking off almost a pound a week... the problem is that I get tired of eating the same thing all the time, especially avocado.

How's the house hunting going?
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It is going OK. The area where we live is not full of lovely old manses that have been here for generations, many neighborhoods were thrown up by builders developing old agricultural land into subdivisions in the 1990s, and they don't look particularly fresh now. My son is handling the insults and indignities of his school system a little better (a trend I encourage in hopes that by year's end he will realize he can stand it another year) but none of us is averse to having a slightly bigger house, so I keep looking. The best houses (with the great views) almost never come up for sale, unfortunately, and when they do come up, they sell in about a day.
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