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Sunday Weigh In August 16, 2020

Good morning.  How's everyone this morning?  It looks like it's going to be one of our typical summer days here - hot and maybe a thunderstorm or two later on.

My week has been pretty quiet. Although my state/county is not under stay at home orders, we do stay at home except to go out for food, doctor visits, etc.  There really isn't much of anything else to go out for since most entertainment is still shut down.  

I had another visit with my chiropractor in regards to my neck issue.  She's very happy with the way that's going so we're staying with visits every 2 weeks.  I also saw my primary care doctor.  That visit wasn't as good as the chiropractor visit, but I should be used to that by now.  Ever since I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, my doctor's visits have been pretty contentious because we don't agree on how I should be feeling and what's needed to get me where I want to be.  I'm not sure why doctors are so set on denying patient symptoms or if they bother to acknowledge the symptoms, they blame it on the patient as "doing something wrong"...

I  haven't weighed this morning, but as of the other day, I've managed to stop the gain - mostly by adding extra thyroid medication to my prescribed dosage.  I've tried to cut back on the amount of food I'm eating and trying to eat better food, again.  I do have the digestive issue in which my stomach empties much faster than normal and I tend to end up hungry soon after I've eaten.  My gastroenterologist chose not to address the rapid emptying issue, so as of now, it's still "a thing" to be contended with.

My favorite form of exercise is walking and right now, it's just too  hot (or storming) to get out and go for walks.  That makes my exercise a bit "sketchy" to say the least.  I'm hoping it starts cooling off soon so I can resume my evening walks again.  

How was your week?  I hope you reached whatever goal(s) you set for yourself and look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Weather here has been really hot. We've barely done anything outdoors besides water the garden, which we're doing by hand because we stupidly chopped a shovel into a drip watering line and now it geysers ten feet into the air if it goes on. This last week I spent a couple of days on the phone finding repair people (none of whom could come until this next week) for a lot of things that needed attention around the house including the drip pipe, plus our wills came back from the lawyer's in draft form for us to look over and make a signing appointment. I've also been going back and forth with our insurance agent to change out an old term policy that's hit its limit. Next week, all the pets go in for their shots. The exciting stuff I do during Covid shutdowns!

My weight is exactly the same as it was last week, to the tenth of a pound. It kind of goes hand in hand with life being so static, I think. I did binge yesterday and ate two halvah bars -- I don't buy them often, because I eat them when they're here and together that was 500 calories. But we've been eating lightly in general and so that binge didn't add new weight, just helped keep up the weight I have.  :P

Husband and son have talked about driving to the mountain or the beach, for something fun to do. Unfortunately, though, son cannot get his sleep schedule straight and it's like he's drugged if we try to wake him at a normal hour. He's been sleeping until 1 or 2 pm (which makes it too late to drive to the beach or the mountain and have fun before it would be time to go home). Then I'll find him in our room wide awake at 4 am, looking for his computer keyboard, which he gives us at night so he won't play games and stay awake. (But he stays awake anyway). When school starts he's going to have 9 am classes by video conference, which seems like a disaster in the making unless he can find a way to switch his clock. I drag him outside into the sunshine in hopes his body will react to it the way you do when you have jet lag, and reset.
This virus has just made for some weird times.

Hoping everyone has a good week, and that you get to talk with that new doc soon, Barb!

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