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Sunday Weigh In December 13, 2020

Good morning.  How is everyone this morning?  Once again, I'm a little late in posting because I decided to wait until after I'd done my morning walk.  We go at 7:30 am, which is the best time for days like today.  It's cool, but not cold and though it was bit foggy, it was still nice walking weather.  

This week has been pretty quiet - for once, I had only 1 doctor's appointment and that was to the orthopedist on Tuesday.  As I posted on last week's weigh in thread, I have 2 more broken bones.  One of them, I believe, is one of the original breaks but the doctor ignored it.  The other is a stress fracture, caused from putting pressure on other parts of my foot in order to take weight from the part(s) that weren't completely healed.  There are more areas showing stress reaction, as well.  From my own research, I've learned that stress reactions result in stress fractures, if not treated.  Anyway, I'm back in the air cast/boot for 6 weeks (down to slightly more than 5 weeks, now).  

Also, this week, my sister out of state got released from the hospital from her second bout the COVID.  She was first sent to rehab to get her strength back, but I was notified the other day that she was supposed to go home and I haven't heard otherwise.  I'm very grateful that she's doing as well as she is, since we almost lost her.  In addition, I found out yesterday that my son, his wife and her son all have COVID, as well.  My son and his wife are both diabetics and fortunately, they say they're having mild cases, so I hope it stays that way.  It seems strange - there was a long time that I didn't know anyone who had contracted the virus - now 2 of my sisters, my son and family, along with multiple nieces/nephews have gotten it.  So far, with the exception of the one sister, they've all had relatively mild cases.   We continue to mask up and keep adequate distance when we go out.  

The doctor did say I can walk on my foot this time, but didn't give any indication as to how much walking I can do or what types of things would be allowed.  I did call them back on Friday to ask about that because I wanted to know if I could go for walks and "sort of" do my normal stuff.  The answer I got was a very uncommitted "let pain be your guide"... I guess that means, as long as nothing hurts, I'm good to go, but if there's pain of any kind, I need to stop... The thing is, walking in the boot, also puts stress on the opposite hip and part of my back.  Since I already have 1 stress fracture and the stress reactions, I'm afraid I'm going to end up damaging my hip, as well.  I do have osteopenia (forerunner to osteoporosis), so really have to take care not to break/damage more bones!!  

I'm doing fairly well on the dosage of thyroid hormones I "put myself" on, last month, so between that, watching what I'm eating and being able to exercise a little bit, again, the scale indicated that I'd lost almost another pound when I stepped on a couple of days ago.  I haven't weighed this morning, but will do it later and let you know if I'm still down or if that loss, was actually a loss of fluid.

So that's my saga - what about you?  I hope you're well and reached whatever goals you set for yourself.  I look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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My sister had arranged a sort of holiday party, mostly so my mom would feel like there had been something festive this season. She put a Christmas tree out in her front yard, and the family was invited to come and put an ornament on it, rain or shine. (Masked, social distanced, and not indoors.) And as it turne out, from the moment we got up this morning and discovered we needed to rush to get showered, dressed, and to the party (ornaments in hand) to now, I've had no time to even sit down. It's so unusual to have a busy day!  After the party we ran errands and hung up strings and strings of outdoor lights, made it to the grocery store, and suddenly I see it's 11:15 pm.

Will have to weigh in tomorrow, since by now I've had a couple of meals. Probably it's just as well -- Saturday night we had pizza and cookies, and if the pizza doesn't get me the cookies undoubtedly will.

Hoping everyone is beginning to feel a bit festive (despite this being the least festive year in the last six or seven decades). Will check back when I weigh in, though I don't hold out a lot of hope thanks to the cookies. :)

Your Christmas "party" sounds like a fun thing to do, even if you didn't get to go inside and "socialize".  

Busy days always seem best to me because it makes the day go faster.  
I spent yesterday morning cleaning my oven and the grates - one of those chores I'd put off for way too long.  I want to do some holiday baking and apparently, something has spilled over in the oven.  Now it's sparkling clean and I don't want to use it because I don't want it to get dirty again.  lol

I did go ahead and weigh - even after we'd had lunch, I was down almost a pound from earlier in the week.  I'm hoping I can maintain the loss and keep it going in the right direction.
I weighed tonight, and am about .8 up from last week. Will try again in the morning.
Oops! It's been two days and I forgot to weigh again. Will check in tomorrow morning (despite the fact that we just had a big dinner. lol)
... And, down .9 from last week. The sugar really is the culprit, because we had a big dinner two nights in a row and I'm still down. Just didn't eat the cookies.
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