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Sunday Weigh-In July 28, 2019

Good morning, how are we doing this morning?  It's been a busy week, but everything is going well on my end.  

I'm in South Dakota now, finally, getting that visit with my siblings so I'm getting a chance to get caught up with everything that's going on with them.  I've told you about my older brother who was recently diagnosed with COPD - he hasn't been getting any better, in spite of treatments that typically help those in early stages of COPD so the doctors started doing more tests.  Just prior to all his issues starting he'd done  some work in a home in which there may have been a lot of mold.  At the outset of his illness, they did believe he had pneumonia and since he didn't ever get over it, they changed the diagnosis to COPD.  They are not testing for molds spores, as well as lung cancer (if you remember, I already have one sister with lung cancer...).  We hope to hear some test results next week.  

My older sister who we thought might have breast cancer a couple of weeks ago, was said to be clear, but we found out on Thursday that was not the case.  She does, in fact, have breast cancer.  The mix-up came when a nurse present during the biopsy came out of the room and told her and my other sister that "Everything looks good...", indicating that it was all clear.  My oldest sister is 85 yrs old and doesn't always understand everything, but the other one is only a bit older than me, so I reminded her that nobody can tell until they get the results back but she insisted that the nurse said it was all okay.  I remained skeptical and luckily I did because when the results came back, I was the only one not surprised.  This coming Friday, we're meeting with the oncologist to see what treatment options there are.  She's elderly so her options will probably be different from those of a younger person. I know that from having dealt with my Auntie when she had breast cancer...

The other family members having issues were the 2 SILs - the one who recently had the mastectomy and the one with pancreatic issues.  They're both doing some better, but are a long way from recovery.  

As for me, I needed to be able to spend time with my family and if not for dealing with all the illness, it would be great... although, I'm glad I'm able to be here as support for my brother and sister, as well.  

Weight-wise, I can't really say how I'm doing because I don't have a scale to weigh on, but I've done really well with my eating.  I have a great nephew that does a lot of fishing so last night my sister fixed fish for dinner and I went and got salad fixin's...  The perfect dinner for a hot evening!!  We'd gone to an "Art in the Park" event earlier in the day so I even got plenty of exercise in the form of walking.

I'm sleeping in an upstairs bedroom, so I'm getting plenty of exercise going up and down the steps and we've done a little bit of outside work, though not a lot because it's been pretty hot.  

Anyway, I probably won't be losing a lot, but at least, I hope to hold my own and not gain like I did when we were in Iowa at the end of May.  Earlier in the week, I had managed to get  back to what I was when I started that trip so I'm hoping to stay steady.  At least, my sister doesn't live on pizza and burgers like my husband's brother did...  :-)

So, that's my story... how are you doing this week?  I hope everything is going well and you're surviving the heat, if it's hot where you are.

~~Have a wonderful, successful week~~
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I still don't have my old digital scale, but since I marked my weight on the old-fashioned scale at the farm last Sunday, I can see today that it hasn't gone up. In fact, it seems to have come down about a half pound. All the work to get our house ready to sell has kept me moving and I have also cut back on eating on the run. We've been having light brunches, no lunch, and real dinners, but light -- for example, yesterday's dinner was a stir fry that I made, just steamed veggies, tofu and rice, and today was salmon cooked on the grill with green beans. We are none of us that hungry in the hot weather. I do wonder if I should take iron, though. I've been really tired!

Activity next week includes the crew putting in carpet at the new house, and at the old house, having builders in tomorrow and probably Tuesday to fix small stuff, Wednesday the painters, Thursday the pressure-washer, Friday the housecleaners, and Saturday the window washers. Then I do the staging, then we're ready. I called my real-estate agent to ask what length of window he needed from the time the house was ready to photograph to holding the open house, and he has not called me back. After all that! I do know other agents.

Sorry not to have posted earlier today, we have been up to our elbows. :) Have a great week!
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