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Sunday Weigh In May 10, 2020

Good morning and Happy Mother's Day to everyone who serves in the role of a mother, including fathers who serve as both, mother and father.  

We're off to a gloomy start for the day, but I hope it isn't going to stay this way all day.  I'm not sure about other places, but my state is beginning to lift restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus.  Businesses are beginning to open (at reduced capacity) and it looks like everyone is ready to get back to "business as usual", though I certainly have my reservations.  They do still recommend wearing face masks and keeping the social distancing in place, which most stores and businesses are doing.  As is the case in most places, we have people who resist wearing facial coverings and a few "can't" remember to social distance  (^_^) but for the most part, it's going well.

We still aren't doing much of anything as far as being out in public - we go buy food and other essentials when needed and I've been to the doctor a couple of times (not in relation to the virus).  Other than that, we stay busy with "projects"... I've been doing more practice with my calligraphy and I learned to make some cute little gift boxes.  I'm working on setting up one of our bedrooms as a "studio" to work on my calligraphy and other projects that aren't done in my workshop.  I have a table ordered that was supposed to be here on Friday, but didn't arrive, though tracking said it was "out for delivery".  I'm not sure what happened, but they still say it's out for delivery so I hope to get it tomorrow.

I haven't been doing a lot of exercise because I've developed a problem with my neck - my neurologist says it's arthritis and my pcp says my cervical spine is out of place... who to believe on that one.  It started after I began doing calligraphy last fall and seems to be related to keeping my head in one position - as when writing.  The medication my neuro prescribed isn't helping as much as I'd like so I'm not sure of the next plan of action.  

Diet-wise, I'm still making too many trips to the cupboard/fridge, by my weight doesn't seem to changing substantially - just the usual fluctuation I see day to day though I haven't weighed yet this morning. I'll do that and post results later.   I really "must" get back to a decent diet though because I'm really not doing myself any favors by opting for snacks and less healthy food.  Husband and I, typically, fix our own meals so while he's eating pizza and burgers, I usually eat quite a few veggies and less starchy stuff.  Since we've been home together as long as we have, it's been a lot easier for one of us to cook for both of us, so I've opted for more of the pizza/burgers fare than the veggies...

Anyway, that's my story... everything is going good.  I hope you're all doing well and look forward to hearing about your week.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful successful week~~

**Wash your hands and stay safe**
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I'm unfortunately up .6 of a pound, definitely from being in "shelter in place" mode. When we are going three or four directions at once, we eat less, and usually have a smaller meal when we do sit down. But life is back at a more pre-1920's pace (I can't even remember if it's Monday or Thursday), and that gives me time to make a full-sized homemade dinner almost every night, and if we don't, we order pizza. (Unfortunately the best pizza place in town also happens to be the nearest to us.) The freezer junk we patch it in with when we're too busy to cook is not tasty enough to want to eat a lot of, but the food we make at home sure is.

This week, we had a several-days-long problem-solving situation in our family that shows how slow (or fast) it is to change ideas of what we're supposed to do in times of virus.

Nobody in my family thinks the pandemic is a hoax and everyone takes it seriously, but for some reason, when our mother was asked what she wanted to do for Mother's Day, she said she'd like to all meet at a local park and have a picnic. At first, this sounded innocuous. We could spread out in our little family groups and talk from blanket to blanket. But, this was going to be Mother's Day, when (unless it's pouring down rain) probably everyone will have the bright idea to go to the park with Mom just to get out of the house. From what we've experienced at local public places, nobody does anything to social distance in public -- people brush by you on sidewalks and in doorways, teenage groups not wearing masks go chattering by, etc. My mom is quite old and had pneumonia unexpectedly last year, and her husband is no spring chicken. The family who would go consists of her and my stepdad, her four daughters, their husbands and their kids; it's definitely a group of more than ten people.

I started thinking about this, and asked my sis (who was organizing it) if she knew if there were group-size restrictions in the park. She didn't. I could just see our whole family including Mom getting arrested on Mother's Day for being dumb enough to go to the park in a big group in the middle of a pandemic. And then thinking of those non-socially distancing, non-mask wearing people who all go to the park, and of Mom and her pneumonia, I finally decided we wouldn't go. This was tough because at my mom's age, I want to take every opportunity to see her when things are happy, not just when there's a problem, and this party was what she wanted for Mother's Day. We said we would drive by and see her later in the day, and wave at her from her front yard. (Doesn't that sound fun.)

Next thing, my sister made a schedule (not including us), whereby each sister with her husband and kids would be with Mom in a given half hour, sister #1 at 2:30-3:00, sister #2 from 3:00 to 3:30, etc. This was apparently to keep the big group from being together at once, but I wondered how Mom (and her impatient husband) would like sitting in a hot park for two hours to see everyone. (But since we were already off the list, and I wasn't organizing things, I didn't comment.) Last night, sis sent a text that the party has been relocated to a particular sister's back yard. But she hadn't scheduled us in, though my problem was the park and not the family. I'm now awaiting word that people have thought things over and have decided to adjust some other aspect of the party. It seems like even in a back yard, having my elderly mom sit around under a tree in the 85-degree heat to wave at a social distance at all of her kids for an hour and a half is not that well thought-out, but we'll see. Last I heard, Mom still wants to do it.

This same kind of drawn-out analysis went into the decision my niece made in February to postpone her wedding. At first everything sounded normal, then it sounded maybe a bit inconvenient but would be fine, then people began to ask about folks having to fly there, then the virus got more serious, then she sadly wrote and said it was postponed, and of course now in retrospect, we can only think that of *course* it was postponed, and how could it be differently? We haven't gotten that far with Mom's party, but if we did all get sick from having been together for Mother's Day, or if she did, how stupid will it look in retrospect?

Anyway, whatever happens, I'm not eating the cake. Gotta get rid of the .6 of a pound somewhere.  lol

Have a good week.
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