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Sunday Weigh In November 15, 2020

Good morning... how are you doing this morning?  It's still dark (have I mentioned how I dislike the time changes?) here but I think we're going to end up with a beautiful day - they're just too short this time of year!!

It's been pretty quiet over the past week.  I didn't have any doctor's appointments, so no frustrations on that score.  A doctor's appointment for next week that I really needed did get moved to December 1 because the doctor is going on vacation... I don't mind the doctor having a vacation, but this appointment has been scheduled for months, now suddenly it has to be rescheduled.  Oh well, it is what it is.

My broken foot continues to give me a lot of trouble even though the ortho doctor says it's "healed".  There's a lot of pain and swelling on the top of my foot, not where the break was.  My research, along with suggestions on another forum indicates the problem might be ligaments or tendons, which don't show up on x-rays but the ortho doctor did not ever do a CT or MRI to check for ligament/tendon issues.  I see my chiropractor tomorrow morning and will see if she can point me in a different direction to try to resolve the problem but it's also possible that she'll tell me to go back to the ortho doctor, too.

Anyway, I've tried to start walking again with my neighbor.  We first tried walking down my short street and back, which we did for a couple of weeks.  My foot felt pretty good, so I thought it was ready to tackle our longer route through town.  That's proven to be too much for it as the swelling and pain end up leaving me lying on the sofa with my foot elevated for most of the afternoon.  That means I get nothing else done and is not acceptable.  We've dropped back to just walking on my short street for the time being.  Hopefully, the chiropractor will be able to advise whether I need to walk more to strengthen the foot, or walk less to let it heal more.

I did blood work this past week and have now adjusted my thyroid hormone medication to something I think I can live with.  It takes several weeks for a dosage change to take full effect so, although I do see some minor changes (a bit more energy/not so fatigued, diminished facial swelling, etc), it hasn't had much effect on my weight yet.  The body heals the problems that are most important, first.

That said, I have been able to continue with no gain, so I guess that's something. Of course, we know that with the extra swelling in my foot, there's going to be extra weight... it's hard to tell how much is water weight and how much is fat weight, so on that, I sort of have to go by the way my clothes fit, which hasn't changed.  We also might assume that since I'm back to walking, I should be building some muscle back so that's going to keep weight steady for a while, as well, since muscle is denser than fat.

We did go to a pot luck lunch yesterday with our woodworking club - held outside and most were wearing masks, so it was done safely.  I'm sure eating fried chicken, oreo cookie salad and other goodies didn't do a lot for weight reduction.  :-)

Anyway, it's nice to have things pretty quiet, even if I still don't feel the greatest and am a long way from being my "normal" self.  Hopefully, that will come with time.

With COVID cases rising in my state (as in many others), we're still debating on whether or not to have a family Thanksgiving gathering.  It doesn't help that husband and daughter are on "the outs" with each other so any gathering will, surely, be pretty tense and makes a gathering much less attractive.  Decisions, decisions!!

So how about you?  Were you able to reach whatever goals you set for yourself this past week?  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Husband and I both woke up with sneezy, snotty colds yesterday morning, in my case also a headache and my throat and ears were sore. (I think the sneezes and snot suggest it isn't Covid.) When we go out, it's only to places where masks are required, and you'd think that would also reduce the chance of getting a cold. The fact that we got exposed reminds that we're not 100% protected. I don't know why we would have thought any differently, but we're going to start ordering groceries again versus running to the store.

I just weighed, and am down .1 of a pound since last week. I think it's taking weight off and adding it back, not just staying steady. My son has had a rough week with the end of the quarter and all assignments due "or else," but the teachers keep adding more new assignments. (Was up until one or two am for several days trying to get it all done.) I bought him some Milky Way bars to have around for bribes and encouragement. Unfortunately, I didn't choose KitKats or Rolos, which he likes but I don't, which meant that when the political news got too annoying, I would grab one myself. I should only buy sweet snacks that I myself don't like!

We won't have a family gathering this Thanksgiving, just will see each other on Zoom. Our family doesn't mind missing Thanksgiving together, but it sure foreshadows that Christmas is going to be a disappointment. Last year we had a very full week's worth of parties, starting with a cookie bake and ending with a Christmas-day lunch, and lots in between. This year is going to seem very unfestive.  

I can't believe Oreo salad. Never heard of it before. It's served not as a salad, but as a dessert, right?

I'm sorry to hear that you've got colds; I hope you're able to kick them in short order and that your son doesn't catch them.   I think you're right that sneezing doesn't seem to be one of the common symptoms of COVID.  You're right about the masking though - if one can catch a cold while wearing a mask, we have to remember that we could also contract COVID.  I think we do become complacent at times.

I've also read that masks aren't necessarily to keep us from getting COVID, instead, they reduce the viral load so we don't get it as severely.   It's not a bad idea to have groceries delivered again for a while, so long as cases are spiking again, around the country.

Although 0.1 lb loss isn't a lot, it's better than a gain.  :-)

Wow, it sounds like your son really has the school work to get done.  How does he do making it through the day after he's stayed up so late at night?   It hardly seems right that teachers are insisting that all work be turned in "or else", then to keep piling on more.  Kids do have to have rest and live life, as well as study.   Well, the Milky Way bars might not have been such a good idea for you.  If I'm trying not to snack, I have to make sure that my favorite snacks (or even snacks I like) aren't even in the house.  Of course, it's easy to grab "something" to help comfort through the political mess we're in - I can't deny that.  

I felt pretty good when I got up this morning, but we had to go to the local Farmer's Market to get some veggies for the week and as we were leaving, my stomach began to feel queasy and by the time we got home, I was in full fledged "stomach upset".  I take several supplements and usually I spread them out over the day, but since we were leaving this morning, I took a couple together and I'm thinking there was something about that combo my stomach simply couldn't deal with - possibly because I hadn't eaten anything.  Once I got "stabilized", I spent a good share of the afternoon in bed and feel much better now, though food is the last thing on my mind though I did get, and keep, down some soup a while ago.  Although nausea/vomiting and diarrhea can be symptoms of COVID, I don't think that's what my problem has been since it's pretty much cleared up now.

I don't necessarily miss not having Thanksgiving but our daughter is pretty set on getting together for it every year.  I'm all for waiting till Christmas and hoping we can get together safely then.  We don't, typically, have a lot of parties, etc over the holidays, so that isn't an issue.  It will be a lot different for your family though - there's something to be said for not having a lot of family in the area.  :-)

The oreo cookie salad can be eaten as, either, a dessert or a salad.  Most, however, prefer it as a dessert since it's so sweet.   It's made from vanilla pudding, cool whip, marshmallows and, of course, the oreo cookies.  There's absolutely nothing healthy about it but it goes over well at gatherings like the one we had yesterday.  :-)
I really stand in awe. Eating something made of cookies, pudding and whipped cream as a side with one's entree takes a level of assurance that you don't see every day. It reminds me of a local drive-in here that offers about 30 kinds of candy to mix into your milkshake, because you know, milkshakes are not sweet enough without throwing M&M's or Smarties or "Runts" or chunks of cut-up Snickers bars into the mix.

Yes, if the election doesn't get over itself soon, I'll probably go buy a ten pack of the jumbo size Milky Ways. I don't know how the new administration is going to solve the serious problems facing the country, but the lawsuits and accusations are sure not soothing the populace. If it goes on much longer, I think we'll either all be fat alcoholics or we'll be home hiding in the closet.
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