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Sunday Weigh-In November 4, 2018

Good morning everyone... How are we all doing this morning.  I hope y'all remembered to set the clocks back an hour last night so you'll be on time for everything that's important this week.  

I don't know about everyone else, but the time changes really throw me for a loop and it takes a few weeks for my body to get used to them.  I, especially, don't like the fall because the days are getting shorter and it's dark so early anyway.  I'm definitely one of the people who needs lots of light and as soon as it's dark outside, it's bedtime for me...

There hasn't been a lot going on in my world.  My neighbor went back to OR this week so I haven't been out walking every day - I can tell it, too. Not only in the way I feel, but in the fact that I've gained 1 whole pound since she left.  Wow - it blew my mind when I stepped on the scale this morning and I was up by a whole pound, since my daily weigh-ins have been showing about the same as I was last week and the week before.  

I've had a lot of fluid retention late in the day, the past few days and I've put that down to not moving as much, since I haven't been walking daily.  I have an appointment with my pcp on Wednesday and he's not going to be happy if he sees my ankles all swollen.  I should say I'll be extra careful between now and then to keep it them from swelling but since it's mostly the left one that swells and I've been trying to draw that to his attention since that foot was injured in 2006 and I don't believe it got adequate treatment, perhaps I'll just see what happens and perhaps we can find out what's wrong with it even at this late date...

Aside from that, we've been looking for some used cabinets to put in my work shop.  I do have some shelves on the walls, but things seem to get tossed helter-skelter on shelves and are much harder to keep clean and organized.  I'm thinking that cabinets will help keep sawdust off everything a "little" bit better and will help with organization a little bit.  So far we haven't found anything, short of going out and buying new and I don't want to put that kind of money into my work shop... If I weren't looking for any, they'd be all over the want ads... lol

We did find an old entertainment center that we can modify for a bottom cabinet.  It even has a pull-out shelf to make it easier to access items inside the cabinet.  How much better can that get?  That's my project for today...

So - enough about me... what about y'all?  How are things going for you?  Are you getting ready for the holidays?  Thanksgiving is not so far away.  

Let us know how you're doing and how we might be able to help.  Whether you need weight loss advice, motivation, support, tips for maintaining weight weight over the holidays or whatever you need...

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Look on Craigslist, and also, did you know that a whole lot of the time, builders just pull out cabinets and throw them away when there are office renovations? We found out they were going to do that when my husband moved his office, and were able to get them to unscrew them from the wall neatly, carry them downstairs to his new office space, and put them up, all for about sixty bucks. So keep your eye on remodels happening around where you live. You'd be amazed what they treat as trash. You'd think they would at least put things like that on Craigslist.

We were at the farm this weekend, so I didn't weigh in this morning. I've eaten since then, but weighed just now and allowing for about a pound of food and drink, am right where I have been the past three weeks. A near-classic diet plateau. I'll check in the morning before I eat, and will post if it's lower. But it's time to up my exercise if I want to go below the plateau, since the weight right now is my norm for the last many years. (Problem is, I think I look better 5 lbs. less. We're going to see what vanity is worth to me, this next few weeks.)

Halloween was pleasant and not over-hysterical. We also had our son's school conferences, and I liked talking to all his teachers. I'm about as up for November as possible, given the clouds and rain. lol
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Where I said repetitively "you'd think they would at least put things like that on Craigslist," I guess I was just shaking my head that with all the free sites for recycling things, Freecycle, community sites, and places that take stuff that is still good for charity, it's kind of a crime how much stuff gets simply tossed by builders because they don't want to bother to advertise it.
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I’m doing good and welcome the holiday challenge.  I’ve been doing the keto way of eating and have lost 10.9 lbs in this last 3weeks and 5 days. I take medication that caused me to gain around 100lbs.  I’m not sure if the medication just makes me hungry therefore I over ate or if the medication causes weight gain. Anyway I have given up sugar and am really doing good.  I didn’t eat any Halloween candy and that was an amazing feeling.  I’ve taken back control of my life. I’m planning on having a special keto day on thanksgiving.  No cheating as I’m really doing good and don’t want to risk having it last into days,weeks,months.  Although thanksgiving is only 1 day if I don’t continue with my program I most likely will binge.  That isn’t what I’m wanting for myself.  So this challenge is just what I need to stay accountable.  
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So I just bought a scale, and weighed myself for the first time in several months. (That was fun.) Then I decided I needed some accountability (I hear you on that Kelcoo), and here I am.

Truth, though - the weight wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it's still not good.  I need to lose 30 lbs. It was a rough summer - I lost a parent, moved, had a ton of work stuff, and a bunch of other stuff - and it still hasn't really calmed down. Basically, up went the stress, and up went the weight, and it wasn't great before.

I plan on taking it maybe 10 lbs at a time, or I'll get overwhelmed and stop. I've gained 10 lbs or so since June, so that crap can go first. :)
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Hi and welcome. Sorry to hear about the loss of your parent; that always brings a lot of stress.

I always find I do better making small goals too...5-10 lbs at a time or a pound per week, etc.

Good luck.
Thanks :)
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