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Sunday Weigh-In October 7, 1018

Good morning everyone... the days are getting shorter and it's still dark outside at 6:15 am as I begin to write this, so I can't tell what kind of day it's going to be... we'll assume it's going to be hot again, since they've said we aren't supposed to have a cooldown until around the end of October.

There's not been a lot going on this past week, so it's pretty quiet.  My neighbors did return from Oregon, but they're only going to be here for this month, then they'll be going back again.  They'll be back in January for the rest of the winter, though.

Other than that, I had a funeral to go to on Friday, which is nothing we ever care to do.  It was a man that I'd worked for at one time that passed away. He'd had cancer for some time so it wasn't unexpected, yet death is never fully unexpected.  

In the process of going to the funeral, I had some trouble with our van.  I ended up calling my husband, who came to see if he could tell what was wrong with it.  It was an oil issue - the oil light kept coming on when I stopped at stop lights.  He drove the van home and I drove the pickup behind.  Of course, the van never missed a beat the whole 20 miles home so he couldn't tell anything and of course, he thought I was having pipe dreams...lol Yesterday, however, we went out to do some errands and it did mess up while he was driving, so, at least, he knew I hadn't been imagining an issue.  :-)   He did some research and will replace the oils sending unit today to see if that fixes the issue... The van does have a lot of miles so I suppose it's time to start having issues with it and heaven forbid we get a different one - his philosophy, not mine.  :-)

Anyway, since my neighbor got back on Tues evening, we've been walking - well, I've been walking every day previously, but not nearly as far.  We're doing well - in fact, I'm getting ready to leave the house as soon as I finish this post. I've also done quite well with eating, but in spite of the added exercise and eating well, I've only lost 0.4 lbs... not much.  I suppose I could say I'm building muscles, which are denser than fat so they take up less space - which is true because my pants are getting loser in the butt and legs, but for some reason, I can't dislodge any of the upper belly.  I guess walking isn't the best exercise for that even though I've been told that walking is good for losing weight all over...

I'm off to get ready for a 2.5-mile walk and it's still not daylight yet, but it will be close by the time I leave in about 30 minutes...

So - that's me... What about you?  What's going on in your world and how have you done this week?  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I'm down .4 of a pound, whoop de do. Weight loss was slowed by some sweets we bought. I can resist many kinds, but when I do the buying, I'm done for. At least it's movement in the right direction, even if inconsequential.
I'm thinking of signing up at the local "Curves." It's hard to believe I will really work out on the regular, but it would be better than nothing, especially if winter is harsh.
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My scale died on me so i have no idea what results i had.  God forbid i would get a battery for the thing!!  We have 2 large displays of nothing but batteries at my work and i forget every single day!!  I ate good for the week as i normally do so am sure i did alright.

Barb, are you getting pounded by the hurricane?  If you are in its path i hope you are safe.

Lots of ladies go to Curves here.  I know the one here offers a pretty good deal for new members.

It is cold and rainy here.   My cousin who lives way up north, right on the Canadian border, is getting snow.  Better her than me!

My daughter is having her reconstructive surgery next Thursday.  I will be there for the surgery and spend a few days with her afterwards.  Sounds like the incision for the implant wont be what is painful.  They take fat out of her belly to "fill" in and that is what will hurt.  She isnt enjoying the "menopause" club.  She said it is hard to dress for the day as one minute she is freezing and the next roasting to death!!  Her tolerance is about -97 right now!!  I feel for her but at the same time all i can do is smile as i know what those feel like and how they hit you at inopportune times!!!  I so wish she could of gone thru this naturally but that isnt the cards she was dealt.

My other daughter has lost 80 lbs now.  It has taken about a year.  She looks great.  She goes in for her yearly check up and blood work so will let you know what she finds out Barb about her thyroid test.
I just saw this Sarah, so will respond quickly before I post this week's weigh-in.

I was not in the path of the hurricane... it stayed out in the Gulf away from the coast as it went north and ended up hitting the Panhandle and Big Bend area, which I'm sure you know by now, was devastated.  Some areas were completely destroyed and so far there have been 11 people killed.  I'm very sorry for their families and for all the people impacted by the storm.  It was one of the worst to hit in many years.

We do have Curves here; in fact, I belonged for a while 10 yrs ago.  That was just at the time my thyroid died, but before I'd been diagnosed.  I was exercising like crazy, but still gaining weight like there was no tomorrow because the thyroid controls metabolism and mine was gone but I didn't know it.  I quit because the Curves I was going to kept moving to different locations.  I was stopping on my way home from work and one day they'd be in one place and the next somewhere else without always letting people know... it was weird.  Then they started being closed over lunchtime - from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm... I got off work at 2:30 pm and got to the facility about 3:00, but they didn't always open up at 3:oo... sometimes it was almost 3:30 before they got back.  One day, it started pouring rain while myself and another gal were standing at the door at 2:55 and a worker stood inside and wouldn't let us in 5 minutes early so we had to either run back to our vehicles or stand there and get soaked.  That made me so angry I never went back there...That facility is closed down now.  There are others, but they were considerably out of my way at that time.  There's one just a few miles from my home now, and I've thought about rejoining but still have kind of a bad feeling about it all.   We do have a gym that offers a better deal than Curves, here...

I feel for your daughter.  I had my hysterectomy at 46 and that threw me into menopause also... it's not a fun thing to be thrown directly into it when we should ease into it gradually.  It's a lot tougher than going through menopause naturally, but we do make it.  Her doctor might be able to give her something to help ease her along, although she may not be able to do HRT.

Congratulations to your other daughter on losing so much weight; I wish I could be so successful.  I'll be anxious to hear how her thyroid tests come out.  Mine always end up in the "normal" ranges, which the doctors love, but they aren't adequate for me.  That makes it very difficult because it's not enough to bring my metabolism up where it's supposed to be.  Try telling that to the doctor when the labs say all is well...
My only beef with small gyms like Curves is the lack of a variety of equipment.  For example, if you need PT equipment, a Golds has all of it.  Smaller gyms often don't have the selection of machines and resistance bands and bosu and all that stuff that becomes more important as you get older and injured.  It's also not good enough if you're a very experienced athlete and need a lot of stuff.  That being said, any gym is better than no gym as long as the equipment is properly ergonomic -- some of it will kill you.  Went to a different Golds just before I had to stop going to the gym, and that was one of the reasons -- that one was a smaller one and had bought some really non-ergonomic stuff.  Stupid me, I worked out on it anyway, and it was about the last straw.  As for that hurricane, we actually got a lot of it in southern VA, where several people died in flooding.  Up where I am, it rained and the wind blew pretty hard for several hours.  We've had so much rain, we just couldn't take so much more in such a short time.  This was quite a hurricane, and I'm glad I was far away from it's beginning force by the time it got to me.  I was worried it might get you, Barb, didn't know which part of Florida you lived in.  Glad it missed you.
Curves isn't really considered a "gym" per se'; it's a totally different form of exercise.  It's based on rotating around a set of equipment or "stations" every couple of minutes or so, doing something different each time you move to a different station.  It's not like getting on a stationary bike and riding for 30 minutes or walking on a treadmill for an hour or doing 40 minutes of yoga, etc.   Some of the stations at Curves don't even have equipment; you simply use your body to do whatever exercise has been determined for that station.

My sister-in-law lives in VA and she said, too, that they got lots of rain, etc.  We were very fortunate that the storm stayed out in the Gulf as it blew north.  Storms often hug the coastline which ends up bringing us rain and heavy winds from the outer bands, but this one was far enough away.  Unfortunately, being in the warm open waters of the Gulf gave it chance to intensify into the monster it turned out to be so the area that did hit got it worse than it otherwise might have under different circumstances.  

I'm about in the center of the peninsula, so even though I'm considered "inland" I'm not really very far from either coast and we usually get some effects from anything that hits either side of the state, though often by the time it gets to here, it's slowed down and we don't get "as bad" as coastal areas...  
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