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Sunday Weigh In September 6, 2020

Good morning - oops, we've passed the morning - wow, am I behind this morning or what??  How is everyone today?

It's been pretty quiet here... as you know, I broke my foot last Saturday (a week yesterday), so I've been pretty much confined to the house.  We did have to go out to the orthopedic doctor on Monday afternoon and we went to get groceries on Thursday - otherwise, I haven't done anything all week.  

Husband went out first thing Monday morning and found me a knee scooter so I could, at least get around as the crutches weren't working for me at all.  The scooter made a world of difference, even though we have steps to get into/out of our house, so unless husband is here to take the scooter out for me, I'm still pretty much confined to the house.  

The orthopedic doctor put me into an "air cast", which is pretty much like a walking cast, only it's not made from plaster like the old-fashioned casts were.  The air cast allows me to walk short distances (a few steps at a time), so I can navigate a little bit better.  I was glad to be able to do that since the knee scooter was making my knee and leg pretty sore - anything that gets repeated pressure will get sore after a while.  My arms are just now getting back to normal from dealing with the crutches...  :-)

So that's pretty much my life these days - sitting in the house doing, not much.  I do try to move around enough so I'm not getting stiff but it's frustrating to not be able to get out and do my yard work, etc.  

Anyway, as you can imagine, I haven't weighed since it wouldn't be accurate.  The air cast would certainly add a few pounds and I'm not able to stand put weight on that foot without the cast.  According to my clothes, I don't think my weight has changed much, if any.  

So that's my story... how was your week?  I hope you reached all the goals you set for the week and look forward to hearing about them.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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I'll have to weigh in tomorrow. We went yesterday to our friends' house for a special (outdoor) tea party the woman of the house put on just for our son. It was a British high tea (she and our son both like tea). We didn't expect a lot of food, but once the husband told us (several times) that his wife had been cooking for two days, it was clear that being restrained because I have a weigh-in today would have been insulting if not friendship-ending. She began with a fancy charcutiere board (with special 20-year old honey for one of the cheeses) with bread and croissants, followed by British sandwiches (one of the three fillings was a recipe from Queen Elizabeth's coronation), followed by cookies she had handmade with black tea, fresh scones she made using a recipe from a famous hotel in England, then multilayered tea cakes in many flavors that she had also made. (I think I might be skipping a course.) Fortunately, we'd had the common sense to bring a hostess gift or we would have looked like total ingrates. It was also a lucky accident that we went over not having eaten much -- I think just to eat something from each course, we ate twice or three times the amount we usually eat in a day.  I don't even want to know what my weight is at the moment.

Anyway, I'll weigh in tomorrow, or possibly on Tuesday, to try to see if I can shake off any extra pounds that came from the tea party. It was lovely, just not the kind of thing you want to do right before weight check-in day. :) Will pop back in soon with a weight report. :) Have a great week!

What a tea party and I don't blame you for not wanting to weigh right after.  :-)  I can see why it would have taken the hostess 2 days to make it all.  Anyway, it all sounds lovely, if not diet friendly.  I'm sure it hasn't done irreparable damage.  :-)
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