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To Succeed or NOT to Succeed...that is the ???

Okay, I've been dragging my feet far too long.  I'm sitting here at 9lbs to goal.  My goal date is April 5, and as you know, the last 10lbs can be the toughest to lose.  April 5 is 5 weeks from this past Sunday.  Let's say I wrap it up?!?

That's where you guys come in.  I need your help.  I'm talking about Motivation, PEOPLE!  

MOTIVATION TO SUCCEED: I was thinking of a game kind of like a bet.  If I meet my goal on or before, what should I do to treat myself?  I should tell ya, it CAN'T cost more than 50 cents!  My husband has had his hours cut this winter, so I need to brainstorm inexpensive ways to treat myself.  The wardrobe is taken care of because I was at my goal 2 years ago in April and only stayed there for 8 months.  ONE GREAT REWARD IS GOING TO BE WEARING SOME GREAT SHORTS I ONLY WORE FOR ONE SUMMER.  Can you think of other ways to motivate me?  I'm not good at that...

MOTIVATION NOT TO FAIL: If I DON'T meet my goal ON TIME, what do you guys want me to do?  Make it PAINFUL!  I once had a bet with Skailark that if he lost the bet, I wanted a picture of him posted on his profile IN A TUTU!  Unfortunately, I lost and owed him 100 crunches.  Use your imaginations.  

Also, I have a BEFORE picture showing me when I weighed 210+ pounds.  Would you like to see it soon or once I reach my goal?  

Feel free to make suggestions about the next 4 1/2 weeks, too.  Go ahead, make my day!  I really need to do this.  I think I've been afraid to pour on the gusto because I don't trust myself to maintain my goal weight.  Well, I'm hovering here at 149, so why not hover at 140?  BTW, once I get to 140, my goal is to maintain 137-143.  I plan on staying around here and making YOUR lives miserable, so you can  hold me accountable - or "punish" me with "motivation" on that, too, if you wish.  BRAINSTORM!!!

Come on!  I need you guys to scare the pounds off of me!
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Hey! Wazzup!  HMmmmmm. I stilll cannot forget the bet we had bewtween us! And now you wanna bet agian? Well....I think I am ready to give you a really hard time!  lol...

Okey here is the deal!  You win - You get to
1. go out for a movie...you like
2. you make a fun video telling the world abt your success on youtube!
3. any girly inexpensive stuff like your hair,nail ,bath etc!

But if you lose buddy it's going to be your worst nightmare! You ready?

1.You give me 150 crunches for a week  PLUS
2.5 mile walk  PLUS
3.A Video For All Of Us on youtube you explaining why you failed!

I think this one is going to be a close call,...every calorie and every mile is going to count for the next 4 and half weks...and also know the commmunity is going to back you u p here and as always I will be along your side to make sure you get thru this!

So what are you waiting for?  Start moving and time to get cracking!!!!
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I knew it!!!  I knew you'd drive a hard bargain!

I think that if I win - if I get to my goal by April 5, YOU post that picture of yourself in a TUTU!!!  COME ON, GIRLS!!!  GIVE IT UP FOR SKAILARK!!!!!!!


OUCH!  YouTube, REALLY?  I was kidding!  I don't even know how to do that.  

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HA hAAA! Well....Dont worry lady I will teach you how to do you tube...A free lesson just for you! lol...Well...I rthink I will still win the votes in the community so TUTU is out of the equation my friend! Now what ever your plan for the next few weeks make sure you do it right otherwise I will love teaching you the YouTube Lesson!
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Is it too late to remove this post...?  I'm contacting MH.  I think Barb hijacked my computer!  I never started this!  I'm not even me.  Who is twehner5?  
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Oh how FUN is This???  Well, for starters, how about a “Princess Day”???  A day set aside just to pamper yourself and do anything you want to do!  Like .. having hubby fix breakfast in bed, do your nails, color/fix your hair, light candles, listen to music or curl up with a good book, take a soaky bath with candles, get all dolled up or stay in your jammies .. it’s YOUR Day!!!  Think you should make a crown as well and wear it all day long!!!  You can even go to the ball!  Get all schmanzy and invite hubby to dance!  Candlelight dinner anyone???  Just think of the possibilities!  

What is your little heart’s desire?  You could have a beach party!  Whether you’re near the water or in a wading pool or throw a towel down in the living room .. put on your bathing suit and sunglasses, set up an umbrella and relax!  You mind can take you anywhere you want to go!  A little suntan lotion, the rays of the sun or a sun lamp .. and you’ve got it made!

Now .. I’m not much into the punishment side .. never worked for me.  Personally, if you’re that disciplined to dole out your own punishment, you’ll be disciplined enough to do the things you need to do to succeed.  However, you can continue to have a crunch challenge with Skailark or have Barb sit you in the corner .. lolll  As for me .. I’ll just give you (((Hugs))) and encouragement to keep on going knowing you may arrive there a little later than planned, but you WILL arrive there and celebrate your goal.

LOVE your thread, your honesty and your motivation!  And YESSSSSS .. post your starting picture and your now picture .. we want to celebrate your Success with you!!!!  STRUT YOUR STUFF GIRL!!!!  YOU HAVE EARNED IT!!!  :)

Oh .. and the Virtual Party thing .. YYYYEEESSSSSS .. what a KEWL Idea!!!  
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Who or What is a Twehner???

T – ireless in her efforts

W – itty and welcoming

E – nergetic and motivational

H – umorous and heartfelt

N – ice and normal (???) .. sorry – couldn’t resist

E – nlightened about what she wants and how to get there

R – elentless in pursuit of her goals and secure in the knowledge she can get there!
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