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Unproportioned body, skinny legs & fat stomach

I'm 5'6 200lbs (used to be 230lbs).  My legs have always been thin, but they are unproportioned with my body.  I guess i'm apple shaped because my upper body (shoulders & stomach) is big & my legs are skinny (I do have some fat on the inside of my thighs).  I love doing aerobics and kickboxing, but then my legs just get skinnier while the rest of my body still looks fat.  I know i'm losing weight all over because i'm dropping clothes sizes, but not sure what exercises are good just for the upper body that I will still enjoy doing. Not sure if I should lift weights, I just dont want my upper body to get bulk.
Now my stomach...I have a natural crease in my stomach that seperates my upper/lower stomach.  The crease is at my belly button so whether i'm standing or sitting, I can not see my belly button unless I lift my upper stomach.  It looks really gross and im very insecure about it!  Even when I was 135lbs (years ago) I still had this roll in my stomach.  Not sure how to get rid of it.  Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
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I wish someone would answer this question because i have the SAME exact problem and I am the same weight and height.
Update-  I have had a breast reduction and I now weigh 178 and guess what?  I STILL have a HUGE upper body and tiny legs, butt and hips.  What the hell?
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I too have this same exact issue! I honestly was beginning to think I was the only one because I have never seen anyone else with this problem. I don't understand it. I thought it might be gluten related, so I stopped eating anything that contained gluten. I'm on my 3rd month and haven't seen too much of a change. My stomach feels tighter at times, but still have that crease...
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If all your vitals are normal and you are healthy and disease free, not affected by any endocrine disorder, genetic disorder then you have nothing to worry. Some people have inherited from their parents. When you start exercise, cardio you lose all over your body. Here you will lose fat where you put fat the last. The old fat and the tummy fat, upper body fat will be the last to burn, continue exercising and do regular cardio and your upper body finally would be proportional to your legs. Diet control along wtih exercise is very important. Take care!
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I am a boney 135lb female. My legs, ankles, knees, feet, shoulders, ribs.. ...all embarrassingly boney to the point I can't wear dresses and half the pants are too tight in the waist and baggy in the seat and legs. ARRGHH!!!   I have several fat folds on my stomach all around to my back YET I wear a size 4. Working out made me lose weight everywhere including my face which started to concern people. I already looked anorexic in my clothes because I hid it well with my choice of clothes--but in a bikini i looked strange. I even lost the precious fat in my breast and suddenly started seeing stretch marks appear.  That's how disciplined I was at getting rid of this belly fat.   Working out was not the solution... LIPOSUCTION was. I ONLY store fat in my middle--no where else.... the surgeon told me there are two cells in the body that do NOT replace themselves...brain and fat cells.  However, even by removing fat cells (via lipo) the existing fat cells will keep getting bigger becoming HARD fat cells--AGAIN if not careful. These hard fat cells CANNOT be worked off in fact the surgeon needed to inject a chemical that melts the hard fat cells before it can be sucked out (not the soft cushy fat cells that’s easily sucked out) ...  However, it all came back within 3 yrs because the existing fat cells left behind just got larger and harder due to careless eating habits thinking my problem was solved.  FACT--The first place you noticeably gain weight is the LAST place you'll lose it--so I would have practically been malnurished before my problem went away.  It's so bad I requested the removed fat be relocated to my ankles and knees...  Trust me; if it's not coming off via exercise.... spend the 2-3k to remove it permanently.  The problem with lipo is afterwards, people will go out and over eat thinking their problem was 'removed" ..beware!  Lipo doesn't remove ALL fat, just some and before long, if you're not careful of what and how you eat...you're problem creeps back within 2-3 years...  

Good luck... pay the gym for rest of your life or pay the surgeon once.
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Hi, I have an endocrine medical condition bcoz of the medicines that I m taking (hydrocortisone) as I have cortisol hormone deficiency I have gained lot of weight just on my upper body.  (Bellyfat, chubby face, buffalo hump) With exercises I reduced bit of weight but overall it has also made my thighs and legs even skinnier? I m frustrated. Please suggest what to do?  I want to reduce weight of my upper body also gain weight on my lower body. Is it possible? If yes, then what exercises I should do? I do walk 30 mins and 30 mins abdominal exercises. But I think walking makes legs thinner is that true? Should I do cardio or workout on gym? Nd what exercises I should do to see results of getting a nice shape within 6 months please help!!!!!!
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Exercise with a sauna top on 30 min per day. Wear a body shaper everyday under clothes. Count calories eating only 1200-1500 per day. No more no less. I lost 10 lbs first week and about 3 pounds each additional week. Went from 227 to 180 in about 4 months. I was depresses at first cuz my legs and butt got smaller but after the first month my boobs and stomach got smaller  then my back got smaller then last my arms. Just wear a body shaper til u get the desired results. I wore all black for 5 years and did not show my legs for 13 years. I wore a jacket year round for about 3 years and i just got sick og looking at myself. V necks are your friend. Big belts around ur waist r ur friend. High waisted jeans r ur friend. Button down tops r ur friend. Long maxi dresses with the empire waist are great especially with a belt. Skinny leg jeans or jeggings r good but buy them a size or two smaller. Trust me. And trouser jeans thaat fot tight on the butt are good. Try junior plus sizes instead of misses or womens. They fit us so much better but beware of the low waisted kind. Luv ya
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To lose weight your gonna need tons of love and patients. First of all you need to understand and accep that it took years for your body to storeed all that beauty and is gonna take longer to take it off. Once you made your mind to accep that, then you have to see what kind of body you have. So look for generics, grandma, grandpa, anybody you can. Then figure out where you would like to change your body within reasonable expectations (lots of love towards your self). So once you've done all this here we go!!! :-) :-)
First: YOU HAVE TO MAKE A LIFE STYLE CHANGE! This is not a diet, this is learning to eat healthier. I can't teach you all that but I can give you few clues:
1st)Sugars, 2nd)carbs and 3rd)fats, those are the calories that your body uses for energy and in that order. Now, the calories from sugar that your body doesn't get to use becomes carbs cals, it means it adds to carbs, and the carbs calories that your body doesn't get to use it adds to the fat calories. So let's say you eat everyday
1000cals sugar
1000cals carbs
  500cals fat
2500X7= 17500 total a wk and you use everyday 800 cal. This is just an example. In this case your body will used 800 cals of sugar first, but then cuss u didn't used the other 200, then those will add to the carbs, so now the carbs become 1200cals, but cus your body didn't use the carbs, now the carbs add to the fats, so now the fats become 1700 fat calories. So d next day you do the same thing. But the next day your body starts with 1700 calories before you even wake up and when you go to bed? It goes with the doble the cals that didn't get to use. So if you add all those calories that your body didn't get to used everyday throughout the years the outcome its catastrophic!  So cut down sugars, carbs and fats. If you want to eat sugar, eat the natural kind or in small amounts. If you want eat the artificial kind til you loose weight. Carbs? Chose the good kind as brown rice, multigrain breads, wheat, lentils. Fats? Olive oil, canola oil and grapeseed oil. All the fats in the animals will go into your body and heart, including cheese. Want to drink? Fine, always remember, you can treat your self here and there as long as is not often and you always come aboard. Eat like a rabbit, a bird, a monkey, they eat healthier than us. Substitute your snacks for fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese, veggies. Some veggies are really good by it self, if not, then invent something, be creative with things you like, think out of the box, at the end is just food, but is your body and we just have one. And if you don't lose weight (but you will) at least you will be healthier and it will save you $, time, and  heartaches. I will write in a day or two and give you a tip or two about exercise. Good luck. Love and Blessings to everyone.
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Alcohol tends to make fat accumulate on the upper body I have heard...maybe try a detox without alcohol and wheat. Good luck :)
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I am hoping someone would answer this question CORRECTLY lol, because I am looking for an answer too.

As the ladies said, they don't have trouble losing weight...They are looking to be proportionate.  I've seen a lot of "how to lose weight", but they re looking for disproportionate solutions...because losing tons of weight only worsened my issue.

I will speak for myself...my story is a little different (i will try to keep it short).  I've always had super thick thighs, regardless of what weight I was.  I always had somewhat of  an hour glass body (minus the butt lol). However, I've always had small calves due to me being knock-kneed, slew and flat footed. It has always been an insecurity of mine, however, it wasn't hugely noticeable depending on what i wore.

Fast forward, for a year now, I've been house bound, later found  out to be black mold Poisening.  I also as dealing with severe, mostly debilitating, back and knee pain (later found out to be a result of years of black mold exposure without knowing). I'm recovering slowly, thank God.  I've lost a lot of weight, and dropped dress sizes, HOWEVER my legs look like something out of a horror movie.  Thick and saggy at the top of the thigh, and mid way through the thigh, down to my ankles become skeletal almost , making me look like ice cream cone lol!

Mind you, I am tall for a woman (6'1), also plus size.  My stomach is still big, while my legs are losing weight like crazy.

MIND YOU I've been wayyy smaller than I am now (60-70 lbs to be exact) and even at that size, my legs and shape looked great and proportionately curvy!

Is  it because of muscle loss?  If so, what excersizes can I do with weak knees, slew/duck and flat feet, PLUS knocked knees (a lot of barriers, lol welcome to my life), and inability to crouch???  I'm in pain everyday because it literally feels like my legs can't hold me up, almost like I'm on stilts lol.  ALSO because of my history with slipped disks in my back, make things WORSE. I know lunges, crouches etc. are usually recommended for legs.


I don't want to have to result to expensive cosmetic surgery that I can not afford, so I dont know what else to do.   I am 29 years olds FYI ...I want to feel attractive again!
If you've got thick thighs because of heredity, you're right, that's who you are.  I often bring up the example to people here of Serena Williams, who will never be thin.  She's a large woman with big thighs and buttocks that provide the strength from her core that makes her overwhelm her tennis opponents.  Her opponents are more attractive in modern terms, as they're thinner, but she's better because she brings all that strength from her bulkier build.  But when she stops playing tennis, she could get very large if she isn't extremely disciplined in maintaining fitness and diet.  When your body gets used to muscle building activity, when you stop doing it that muscle will often turn to loose skin, especially in women because they have less testosterone.  Okay, so you're knock-kneed -- that's a posture problem, not a strength problem.  So why the weak knees?  Knees aren't where the big muscle is, that's in the calves and the thighs, the knees are joints.  Do you have worn out joints already?  It does happen, especially if you've had cartilage problems such as a torn meniscus.  But the physical therapy for that would be to build your thigh and calf muscles to take the weight and stress off of your knees.  Braces can also help -- if it's tendonitis just a strap on the patella tendon can do the trick.  I'm not seeing any reason you can't slowly build up strength again.  But the biggest problem is probably your diet, because of what you're saying about your stomach.  When that part gets large it's almost always because of a diet too high in sugar or in foods that metabolize quickly into sugar upon consumption, such as white flour.  That's why it's so often, in men, called a beer belly -- beer is high in sugar.  Eating a bagel can be much more "sugary" than eating sugar.  As for leg exercises, yes, lunges are usually recommended for women, but you can do weight machines at the gym for them.  You can ride a bike, especially on hills, which is great for building thigh muscles.  You can play soccer, again great for thigh muscles.  You can do pilates.  Lots of activities work the legs, so you don't have to do lunges.  They are great, but there's always more than one way to get to where you're going.  Lastly, a lot of people complain about slipped discs, but most people's problems don't come from there, they come from muscles around there.  We all get spinal deterioration with age, but unless you have an especially bad case because of some injury (my neck is gone because of an auto accident many years ago that just finally got really bad because of poor posture and a lot of hard exercise) you probably can do a lot more than you think.  Has anyone ever sent you to PT to see if they can develop a program for you that gets you back on the go?  You sound a lot like me, riddled with pain, but I'm 65.  You're way too young to be feeling that way.  Good luck to you.  
Oh, forgot to say, this is an old old post.  If you make a new one, you will get more suggestions.
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Well...I had same problem, my upper body was bulky and lower body was this and arms too,
Picking up weights and machine exercise didn't give me satisfying shape I wanted.
But since I've started running and swimming I've noticed my body is getting proper shape.
please guys do not be lazy and start running do sit ups and do not bother how you look for a year.
Trust me it will take time but you will not regret.
There is no short cut or no medication which help this kind of body
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Sit ups + anti cellulite massage!
I have massages 2 a week... I walk 4-5 miles 3-5 times a week. I eat well... I have tried all the pills, all the diets etc.. Although I am down 22 lbs  I am still huge on top and tiny on the bottom... I am 179 and look like sponge bob.  Ugh
People are built how they're built -- if this is just how you're built, you should still try to get to a good BMI and weight for health purposes, but it won't necessarily alter the way nature made you.  
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