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Weight Gain

I cannot lose weight. I worked for 3 weeks straight and lost only 5 lbs, stopped for 1 day and gained it all back. I have givien up. I hate myself and am so sick of it. I had a thyroid test done over a month ago... almost 2 now actually, and never heard anything back. So I don't know whats going on. It all started when I got sick in Feb and hasnt stopped. I want to go off my birth contol so badly but I don't the pain to start again. Though it is anyways. Not as intense as it was but its slowly crawling back up. I'm still at the point where being pregnant makes the most sense, but all the tests say no. I need some suggestions. I honestly dont know what to do anymore. I dont want to give up but it seems like the only thing left.
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Hi Linz..

First of all I think you did an awesome job at losing 5 pounds in 3 weeks! It is adviced to lose only 1-2 pounds a week and is healthy than a rapid weight loss. I am not sure about the thyroid part but think you need to find the result..

I think other people here can help you with your concern and may be explain the unusual weight gain..

The best advice I can give is that I see that you don't want to give up. Otherwise you wouldn't be here posting. Just keep ggoing and do wot you do best..you know you are not alone and can find a friend here to support you..
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many people eat less ,but still cannot lose fat ,in chinese medcine ,fat is not because u eat much ,it is only because u cannot absorb much ,so ....

1check u body by yourself ,do u always need ice food which will slow the whole body circulation
2,check u body ,do u always feel cold for the legs and feet
3,check u body ,if u always eat vegetable ,nothing beef and other high energy food

if above is yes ,then u need change u mind ,change u way to lose weight

i know many herbs can make u slim ,but right now ,i think u must first change u mind

1,stop have movement again by again ,it will only make u more weak
2,try to stop ice food ,eat more "hot " food ,which can hot u stomach ,
3,keep enough sleep ,it can strong u energy then make u slim more fast

thinking about what i said ,if u think it is reasonable ,then u can discuss me
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You do need to call your doctor and find out the results of the thyroid tests.  I have hypothyroidism and have a very hard time losing weight also, but you did great losing 5 pounds in 3 weeks --- I'd be happy with that!!  It would be encouragement to keep trying.....

I'm not sure what is causing your pain, but if your current doctor won't help you, you might need to find another one who will.

Also, sableyoung has some good advice.  You need a lot of fruits and veggies for the fiber, vitamins/minerals, etc, but you also need to eat high protein foods that will help keep you fuller longer.  You need to get lean meats, low/no fat dairy and "good" fats.

I've also read that it's very important to eat at least one hot meal per day and it's proven that getting enough sleep can help you lose weight.  This is one that I need to do more research on because with my thyroid issues, I have a hard time staying asleep at night, so wake up tired and not refreshed at all.  
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Hey Linz87....

I feel your pain...

I am diagnosed with hypothyroidism...so u need to wait for ur results...take the medication....also...do u take vitamins?...sometimes weight loss can slow down if ur body is worried bout taking care of other needs...take a dialy vitamins...and it can aid weight loss much better...

i lost around 7 pounds in about 3 weeks...BUT...i gained about 3 back because i felt like taking a short break..(like 2 days...)..

what i realized is...what am i taking a break from? exercise and healthy eating is a LIFESTYLE....not something u do for a while and then "take a break" from...
overtime it's something that should jus come natural to u...

i have a hard time struggling with eating junk food (like fries..and overeating just about everything..large portions..etc)...so i feel ur pain....i've been fighting so hard to lose weight..and when u see urself gain it back..it can be discouraging...

sometimes..the HUGE weight gain in a short time can be alot of things like:
1. u didn't drink enough water a few days..and then when u finally drank water..ur body is holding on to the water...it doesn't wanna feel deprived of water...
2. u ate salty food all of a sudden...so ur sodium in ur body is holding onto water....
3. if u've been eating very little before and then u suddenly eat alot...body will feel like holding onto food...because it was in "starvation mode" before...
4. not using the bathroom before u weigh urself...(it can make a big difference)
5.all the food u ate is still sitting in ur stomach/body...

what keeps me going is that "i busted my *** wayy too hard to give up and gain it all back now..."...i sweated way too much...i "near-cried" from pain....i fought way too hard to let my FATNESS win over!!...

i kno ur fighting..and i KNOWWW it's hard...it's REALLY REALLY HARD...for me too...but keep fighting a few more weeks....and it will eventually be habit...

when i first started yoga...i liked it..but it was HARD...i suck at flexibility n holding poses n stuff...
i did it for 4 weeks..and now it's like a no-brainer for me when i come home from work...
sometimes i forget that i even did it...because it's jus a part of my life now...kinda like brushing ur teeth...

we can do this! come on...don't worry bout the scale......
jus worry bout what u put in ur body...after all...it's all about being healthy..running for 3 hrs to burn a cheeseburger u eat daily..is not doing u any good...u need nutritional value foods....

don't take a break...jus keep a positive attitude..hold ur head up high...and all that ***-busting wont be for nothing...promise...

i was 211 before..and i lost all the way down to 188....and then i gained back up to 208.8...imagine the frustration...so i kno how it feels to gain all ur weight back...
but don't worry bout yesterday...the past is past...u can make a difference in ur life starting today...jus think of it that way...forgive urself....ur human...that's what keeps me going :)
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Check out your time of the month.  I've been gradually losing and the last 2 days ate less than usual but my weight is going up.  Ends up I am retaining water due to it being the week before my period.  I just need to continue on my course of action and I will see it go down once my period hits.  Be patient.  What you are accomplishing is very good.  
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trudie -- I tend to forget that little "thing" since I had my hysterectomy and no longer contend with that.  Thanks for pointing that out.  
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Thanks everyone. Most of my meals are hot, I prefer it that way. When I gained all the weight in the 2 months I hadnt changed anything I was doing in the 2 years before, other than drink less alcohol. Im just waiting to get into my doc but its going to me a month and half before that. I dont get my period anymore, with my stomach problems the specialist told me not to do the one week off for my period, just have it ALL the time. I know I need to drink more water and do more excersising, I just dont like to do it when my boyfriend and roomate are home so Im thinking about getting a gym pass instead of at home, I just hope I dont waste the money like I did the last 2 times I got one.
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