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Has anyone here checked out or participated in the free site called Spark People?
For weight loss its got alot of great information free.
I plan to use both that site and this site..as I also have medical questions I seek knowledge on.
I believe in paying it forward when there's something good to share.
Not alot in life is free anymore!
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I am very much aware of the web site you mentioned. You are right, there is a lot of information there.  I had originally signed up for the food diary, etc, but we now have one here on med help and as I find it hard to keep one diary, journal, etc updated, I certainly do not have to handle 2 of them; therefore, I will stick with the one here on med help.  You might also check out the other trackers - there are a lot of them that might be useful.  
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I'm 33years old lady and l've being dating my boyfriend for one year now.  We just out dat l'm 8 weeks pregnant. He wants me to go for an abortion but l'm very scared because I've undergone a fabriod operation 2 years back. The question is, is it safe to go for an abortion after a fabriod operation? And what is the probability of me becoming pregnant again. I'm very confused on what to do.Pls advice
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This is the Weight Loss and Dieting forum; you won't get an answer to your question here, I'm sure. You should try asking your question on one of the expert forums.
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All children are a blessing and should be considered so.  Please do not go for an abortion.  God would not have blessed you with it if He didn't know you could handle it.  He knows all and will see you through this.  Please think of the life of that child.
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