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Weight Loss?

I am wanting to lose about 7pounds. My BMI tells me I am borderline over weight but I can still fit in a UK size 8. Is the BMI accurate or not? Do I need to lose weight? All of my friends and family say I am healthy but I'm not convinced.
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If you are in a UK size 8, you should be just fine.  I think that is a US size 4, which is plenty tiny. Concentrate on your exercise so you stay strong and toned, your weight doesn't sound like it is a problem.
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Hmmm, I posted a comment on this thread a couple of hours ago and somehow it didn't post.  I wonder if we're going to start having difficulty getting things to post again.
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BMI is a bit different measurement than whether you're over or under weight.  It's an attempt to measure how much of whatever you weigh is fat and how much is lean tissue or muscle.  If you look fine you probably don't have a weight problem, but you might have an eating problem even if it's just small.  Health is a different measurement than weight.  There is much evidence that overweight people don't actually die that much younger than others, but they do suffer from more ailments along the way.  There is some evidence that leaner people are healthier than those who have more body fat even if the leaner person might weigh more.  Muscle isn't light.  There is also contrary evidence that is a bit in question now that came from rodent studies that showed that eating too little extended life -- I think those studies have been challenged now and don't now if they're still good studies.  Basically, health is a lot more complicated than weight, though the two do have some overlap.
And let me add, the winner and still champion in long-running studies of actual people and how they eat and their health and longevity goes to people who don't necessarily exercise formally and therefore probably aren't as lean as they could be, but they eat well and don't over-stress their lives.  These studies are usually grouped under the Mediterranean Diet category even though most of the communities studies aren't in that area of the world.
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