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What Are Your Exercise Goal For THe Week>?

Had the amazingly great idea of everyone getting on here and making themselves accountable for exercise goals for the week. -This shud be interesting!

Here is mine for the week

100 crunches per day x 7 = 700 crunches
3 days of  30 minutes Joggin 90 minutes
Foot ball Thursday night
Volleyball Sunday night
Strength exercises 4 days this week

So What Is Your Exercise Plan Of The Week?>
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I am having great fun with exercise! I stuck to ma plan and i feel soooo good! I am really enjoying doing this with you guys! How's everyone else doing?
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Well, since I started MH, AND using the Exercise Tracker, I've done some form of exercise 14 days in a row! I was NOT doing that b4. Now that I am more conscious of what I am doing AND being encouraged AND held accountable, I walk to the library instead of drive (those are the two 2-mile walks on there), etc. This community rocks - and of course, it's you guys I'm talking about!!!  Thanks so much!

(I should add that b4, I was still going to the Y 4-6 days/week and still TRYING to walk on the weekends. NOW, I have much more incentive.  That's my point. This works! I wish more people were taking advantage of it.)
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Hey my crunsh buddy! you are as always so inpire so many! Will take your lead!
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The day's still young. I already did a pretty intense step class this a.m. Going to get some housework done (if I get my butt off of MH!!!), then hopefully, I'll take my beautiful Lk Michigan walk. There are only several months left before I'll have to worry about slipping on ice. With my knee, I can't take any chances with  that.

Are you jogging, crunching, biking, or what today?
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Today is the day some strength training! do you see those triceps and the biceps? lol...
You bwetter get going and get in to the walking mode while i go and teach those dumbells some lessons!
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Good idea to take advantage of outdoor walking while we still can!  I don't mind using exercsie equipment, but walking outside does much more for me mentally.  

I did the stair master this morning, and will go for a walk later.  It is sunny and there are still lots of colorful leaves here.
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