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What's for dinner today??

What do you have planned for today?

eggs and toast for breakfast
lunch is not planned .. so will see what I'm hungry for
fish with dill sauce tonight .. secret ingredient you know ..

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Corn flakes with raspberries for breakfast
Homemade Italian chicken soup and a small side of guacamole for lunch
Grilled chicken thighs and leftover broccoli, buttermilk and dill (secret ingredient) potatoes for dinner
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My day is all mixed up now.  I was supposed to work last night, and did work, but got to come home at 1am on call.
So now I'm all off kilter!   Its SO HARD working nights and eating in a sane manner.  When you eat lunch at 2 in the morning....it really becomes a challenge.  I've done it for 31 years now.

I ate "lunch" last night at midnight (Moroccan Chickpea soup).  Came home and slept for a few hours

Breakfast #1 will be very light--shredded wheat and skim milk with a sliced banana.  Then I'll probably go back to bed for a little while.
Breakast #2 will be my usual--eggbeaters and turkey sausage.    Then a walk with the dogs, a little housecleaning, a little Med Helping.

Mini "lunch" will be at around 2pm--likely a salad with vegetarian chicken, and a glass of skim milk or a serving of FF/SF choc pudding.

Dinner at around 5:30 (before I leave for work again tonight)-- either Teriyaki Chicken Thighs accompanied by roasted sugar snap peas, or the Iron Chef dinner of Danish meatballs with creamy dill sauce; side dish of skinny mashed potatoes and mixed veggies--haven't decided yet.  

Then at around 10 pm at work, I have cottage cheese and fruit.  

It gets crazy, my meal schedule.
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Trudie ~ The raspberries sound yummy and I've added them to my grocery list!  And, I'd love the recipe for the Italian chicken soup .. is it posted in the Healthy Cooking Community?  Anxious to hear how the potatoes are with the use of the "secret ingredient" ... personally, I LOVE dill!  Was planning on cooking my fish with dill tonight, but the boss snagged me for OT tonight and I haven't been home long.  Have computer work to do and I'm too tired to cook .. on tap for tomorrow.

Peek ~ WoWW girl .. how do you do that schedule??? I thought mine was bad with not much sleep ... but sounds like you have crazy busy hours.  As for your meal plan, I'm impressed and you deserve huge "kuddos"!!!  Is that Moroccan chick pea soup the one for the crock pot recipe?  Definitely looking forward to trying it!  I had teriyaki chicken breast for lunch .. lolll .. and am anxiously awaiting to hear how your Danish meatballs with the "secret ingredient" turn out.  If you like them, I'm trying them.

You ladies have an Awesome evening and thanks sooo much for sharing your meals today ... it helps other members with some ideas and how to eat better ... and gave me some wonderful ideas too!
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