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When you have limited time, best way to lose weight?

Ideas for best way to lose weight when you have limited time?  Let's share.
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I'm thinking more of the "a little bit at a time" approach,  which might not be as rapid as you're thinking of.  Such as, not eating for at least 12 hours out of the day (theoretically this helps due to letting the blood sugar drop or the digestion rest, or something). Also, in my case, not eating a lot of sweet things or drinking sugared drinks, which are my total downfall and terrible for the body. Eating big salads, or veggie bowls for dinner, also fill me up with the better stuff, so I don't eat the worse stuff. I'm never unpleasantly surprised on the scale the next morning after a veggie-bowl dinner even if I crammed in a ton of food.

Though I don't usually think skipping meals is a great idea (because it increases the temptation to snack later), I lately had to skip dinner a few times for different reasons, and found that doing so gave me an immediate difference on the scale. This doesn't happen if the meal I miss is breakfast. (Probably because dinner is usually the big meal of the day.) If I were needing a quickie weight-loss plan, I'd probably do a combo of salad/veggie dinners and skipping dinners entirely, while still eating breakfast and lunch.
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I agree with the "little bit at a time" philosophy for exercise.  A 10 minute walk can be as (or more) beneficial as a 30 minute walk if done right.

Lunch is our big meal of the day, which means that by evening I'm starting to get pretty hungry.  Being careful not to eat "snacky" stuff (chips, crackers, candy and other sweets) in the evening is important for me... partially because of the weight issue and partially because it causes reflux problems during the night, which means I don't get adequate sleep.

My weight bounces all over the scale, varying by as much as 5 lbs over a few hours, so I know that's fluid and watching the salty food is critical.  My evening "go to" has become a spinach omelet and just before bedtime, a cup of ginger tea with a spoonful of coconut oil.
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I guess I agree with the former and disagree with the latter.  If you want to lose weight without exercising formally, change how you eat and stay active even if that's not formal exercise.  Basically, only use the car for long trips, otherwise walk or bike wherever you're going if you can.  Combining lots of movement instead of being sedentary with a much much better diet will show.  But if you're like most of us and eating is part of enjoying life and you're not an ascetic, then you have to move a lot, as humans were designed to move a lot and therefore designed to eat enough to provide the fuel for that.  I'm old and have pain everywhere, so I wish there were an easy way to exercise that doesn't take time, but there just isn't.  While some is better than none, obviously, true exercise requires some warm up and enough of it to stress the muscles or get you at least somewhat out of breath.  Otherwise, it's more movement than it is exercise.  I walk and do a ton of physical therapy, and it takes forever, but even that doesn't equal or come close to equaling true exercise that I used to do, such as 50 hard minutes on an elliptical machine or an hour of running or playing basketball full court or practicing kung fu, all things I used to do.  My muscles are getting smaller.  My belly is getting bigger.  It is what it is.  My wife got a couple of injuries and also ended up in PT, and she stopped going to the gym and now mostly walks for exercise as well.  She's a lot flabbier now.  So you can truly see how the lack of true taxing exercise manifests itself.  It's nice to believe you can get what is called exercise quickly, but again, it eliminates consideration of the warm up and the stress necessary to accomplish what we all want from it.  So that's why I say, if you want to continue to eat the way we like to eat, you gotta burn.  But if you can really cut that down and eat a truly wonderful diet, you don't really need true exercise, you just need to move.  Peace, all.
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You may have limited time to work with, but you still have some. Resources may be scarce, but they’re available. Support may be small, but it’s there.  You may not know how you’re going to get it done, but you will.  Focus on what you want. Work with what you have.

By doing so, it’ll empower you to make the changes necessary to achieve the weight lose results you’re seeking now.

End the blame game immediately. No more blaming your job or your family for taking up all of your time, or not having enough money to join a gym or purchase a weight loss plan. None of this is beneficial.

Identify Your Options

Morning Plan

Mid-Day Plan

Evening Plan

Food Plan

I try not to blame anyone but it is the reality of my life. I do literally have limited time. I agree with identifying my options.  I'm trying to also think how I can make it a habit while being flexible with the day to day challenges that throw a monkey wrench into my plan. Thanks for posting to me.  
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