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hi everyone,

i have been exercising systematically for over 7 mos now and i feel great.
i love it so much!!

anyhow due to a minor injury in my big toe which turned out to be a minor fracture
i was advised to avoid exercise for a few days.

since i worked so hard to get myself into a certain fitness level will i am afraid
i will lose my stamina again and find myself getting depressed over this.

so question is how long it takes for someone to decondition ??

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If you are only avoiding exercise for a few days, I don't think this would have that much effect on your stamina.  I guess I would ask if you must avoid ALL exercise or are there some that you could still do - that might not put a lot of pressure on your toe?? Yoga comes to mind because there are quite a few postures that you could do and still be gentle with your toe.  

The hardest part about ME not being able to exercise, is that once I let it go for a few days, it's hard to get back into the "groove" again.  
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hi, i know exactly what you mean!!!this is what i am afraid of as well.

well, the orthopedic said that i managed to brake it and it hurts so much
so i think i'll give it a rest for a week or so!!!

i absolutely hate it though. yoga seems a good idea,
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Do an online search for yoga videos -- that way, you can try it, without spending $.  You might like it!!  
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