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how to loose the weight

okay so i am a 17 year old girl 5'2 who weighs about 122 which is not a bad weight but i have a problem with fat
i have bad love handles a gut and what is like a spare tire around my waste
I am trying to shrink my portions of food and work out a lot and i need to have a good body by summer, because then comes senior year and i am sick of being chubby i know that 122 isn't a fat weight and i dont believe i am fat but i know i am a little tubby in the stomach area

when i go to the gym i do 30 minutes on the elptical and then i do ten minutes focussing on my abs then i do tens minutes of upper body workouts such as working shoulders triceps biceps etc then finall i do ten minutes of running and walking i walk half the track then sprint half the track and then of course i stretch

if i keep this up about 4-5 times a week and only go out to eat out once a week do you think i should have a good bikini body

i also eat a serving of special k cereal with skim milk and a glass of juice
then for lunch a lean cuisine with with either a tea or naked juice a special k bar and special k crackers
but then i have whatever my mom makes for dinnner

will i get results
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You should get results if you keep it up. And even if you don't, you're making your body healthy, and healthy is attractive.

One thing I've found with ab workouts, though, is that often they will build muscle in your stomach under the fat and can make your stomach appear larger. But they also help with posture, balance, back strength, shoulder strength, and the added muscle burns more calories a day than fat.

I don't know if this is true or not, but I've also heard that doing some good stretches on your stomach will help keep those muscles from bunching up. The muscles will be longer and leaner. So you could try some stretching, maybe a light Pilates class, to help shape your body.

Your best bet is a healthy nutritional plan, which is what you're doing. Don't cut too many calories, just switch up bad food for good food. Get more fiber. Get more lean protein, plenty of calcium, and--if you can possibly manage--try to cut out sweets.

You may also be dealing with water retention, which can make you appear heavier than you really are. So try to cut out sodas and aim for a lower sodium diet. This is really hard, by the way!  But it should help with any potential fluid retention and help reduce the appearance of bulges around your body.

Last of all, good luck, be patient, and try to enjoy your new healthy lifestyle for what it is. :)
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Sounds like you need to tone up your belly and back........ think about yoga.... yoga centers on stretching, posture, breathing, etc........ just stand in front of a full length mirror,  with your body relaxed; then change your posture by holding your back really straight, your chest out, shoulders back and tummy tucked in; see the difference??  The more slouched we tend to be, the more pronounced the "problem" areas.......

Yoga will help stretch and tone those muscles, plus it will help you carry yourself better.

Stick with a good healthy diet and plenty of exercise.  Go for things you can turn into good habits that will stay with you for life.
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Hi :-) We have the same problem! I used to be 175lb when I was 13, and since then have got down to 133lb with a bit of a spare tyre around my waist! I'm also 5'2". You're absolutely right when you say you're not 'fat' - in fact this website has shown me that my (and yours) BMI (Body Mass Index) is completely normal for our height, so make sure you don't want to lost too much weight. I'd like to get down to 110lb.
Your plan sounds like a good one - it's not so much a diet that you need but perhaps more exercise to tone your stomach. I've been doing sit ups everyday since new year and can feel my stomach is a bit tighter than it was (although I still have some actual weight to lose, you're lucky because you're younger so your skin and muscle will tone up a lot quicker than mine!).
Try not to overdo it at the gym - you will get results but it won't be instant, and if you overdo it then you might have to stop exercising altogether for a while! Keep doing what you're doing. Try talking to your mum and finding out what she's doing for dinner and explain to her that you want to try eating more healthy - sometimes you don't need to diet, just improving what you eat can help a lot.
Good luck, I hope this helps a little bit - I'm no dietician but I know what you're going through! x
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I agree with the Pilates and Yoga comments.  Those exercises will definitely help tone and tighten your core areas.  I would try to work 2-3 pilates or yoga workouts into your exercise plan.  I would also substitute a crystal light or water for the juice.  A doctor once told me that the closer you can eat fruits and vegetables to their natural state the better.  So an apple is better than applesauce which is better than apple juice.  Try to make healthy choices when eating out and let your mom know that you are just trying to eat healthy and maybe she will consider that when planning the family meals.  

Good luck. I'm sure you can do it.
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