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Gastritis & Esophagitis

     I've been experiencing frequent chest pains and burning, palpitations, tight chest, difficulty breathing (not hyperventilation), left arm numbness, morning nausea, 10 lb weight loss within 2 months, constipation/diarrhea, fingernail abnormalities, and malaise for about 3 mons.  Breathing difficulty for about 7 or 8 mons (no wheezing, but sometimes I feel a "thump" upon deep inhalation directly below my breast bone; palpable with hand).  I am a slender, high strung female in my late 30s with a healty lifestyle.  No particular diseases predominate in family history.  
     Was initially given an Echocardiogram which showed mild tricuspid regurgitation, Pulmonary Function test, chest xray, and blood work which all were normal. I've been recently diagnosed with mild Esophagitis via Upper GI and mild Gastritis by Endoscopy.  Negative for Pylori Bacteria.  I was also given a Gallbladder Ultrasound and an Esophageal Motility test with Tensilon, (tensilon caused a lot of chest pain).  Both tests came out normal.  
     I've been on Prilosec for 2 weeks - helps burning in chest and nausea, and breathing difficulty seems to have lessened some.  Primary physician gave me 20mg Paxil after initial tests were negative.   He took me off after 7 weeks with no results.
     My questions are: 1) Can mild gastritis and esophagitis cause these types of symptoms?  2) Can you shed any light as to what may be going on...Beginning to feel like a hypochondriac.  3) Can Tensilon cause dizziness and an increase in palpitations for several days after administered?
Dear Jane,
1) Gastritis/esophagitis can produce your symptoms although the severity of the problem appears greater than the degree of abnormality that you describe.
2) Unfortunately, I can not make other suggestions without a detailed knowledge of your symptoms.
3) Tensilon has a shourt half life and should not cause symptoms lasting several days.
This information is presented for educational purposes.  Ask specific questiosn to your personal physician.
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