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ast 800,alt 800,iron 303,,ana 1280,ferritin 1780 help

Posted a few days ago regarding 73 y/o mother with high ast,high alt and high iron levels. she had a clean catscan.

Current info is ast 800,alt 800, ana (antibodies)1280, iron 303, iron sat. 90%, ferretin 1742,alkalinephosphatase 121, RDW blood 17.8

She had liver biopsy today, results are due back tuesday. thats 5 days of waiting. The doc is leaning towards AIH dx and has prescribed 40 mg prednisone (pred) as of yesterday.

Our immediate concern is the ferretin level that we just learned of today. we have read that organ damage or death can result when ferritin and iron are too high.  1. Based on her high iron levels, if it is AIH, will the (pred) address the high iron? 2. If the (pred) does not, then shouldnt we be treating the high iron with phlebotomy (blood letting) NOW? 3. Is it meaningful to do the hfe test in any event. 4. Is it possible/likely that my mom could have both AIH as well as HH hemochromatosis since her ast, alt,iron and ana are high as well as high ferretin? 5. someone mentioned zeolite. Can zeolite rid body of excess iron?

thank you
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Those are markedly elevated liver enzymes.  To answer your questions:
1) No, the prednisone will not address the elevated iron levels.  

2) I can't make recommendations regarding treatment over the internet.  In general, iron chelation and phlebotomy are normal approaches to treating hemochromatosis.

3) I would consider doing a test for hemochromatosis.

4) It is possible that both diseases are present.  

5) I am not familiar with Zeolite in the treatment of excess iron.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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I am a nutritionist.  Once your mom has had all tests possible (either in-patient or out-patient) by a good traditonal doctor, she would benefit greatly from seeing a holistic doctor.  Traditional doctors are not always up on the latest studies regarding natural remedies.  For instance, milk thistle has been proven in Europe and in universities in the Us to improve and even heal liver function.  Read about these studies and also how to take this herb in the book, Miracle Cures, by Jean Carper.  Also, go on Dr. Don Colbert's web site.  He is a famous holistic doctor.  I believe that the 3 things he recommends most for liver problems are milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid, and a healthy, all natural diet (although not necessarily vegetarian).  Read everything you can find on his site about curing the liver.  And consider looking at his book, What Would Jesus Eat.  I don't like the title, but the info in this book is fantastic and I have helped many people cure themselves of many things by following this diet alone.  Good Luck Mom.
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