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Abdominal CT - cancer signs?

My father has just had an abdominal CT done that showed a neoplasm with a diameter of about 3.5 cm (1.4 in) in the tail of the pancreas.  The CT interpretation calls for further investigation and describes the mass as having undefined borders and the fat tissue around it as having elevated density (not sure about the terminology, this is my poor attempt to translate from German, since the test was done in Austria).  He is 65, has no other relevant symptoms as far as we can tell, but we are all very scared it might be cancer.  Can you please tell me how likely that is.  Thank you.
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Dr. I just had a cat scan with and without contrast.  I have had diverticulitis for years.  I am 66 yrs old female. I have had my gall bladder removed last year.  Now I am experiencing a lot of heartburn where I am chewing gaviscon tabs almost every day plus taking a prevacid cap every morning.  I do watch what I eat and try to put a lot of fiber into my diet.  I have a terrible pain in my lower left abdomen.  I sometimes think my stomach is bloated from this also.  Can you give me any advice as to what I can expect and if I need surgey is there an alternative to it. I really do not want anymore surgeries but I am tired of popping pain pills that don't work and antibiotics along with flagyl.  Can you make any suggestions?  Thank you  
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I have been diagnosed with chronic pain and the following conditions:  fibromyalgia, IBS, gerd, gastroporesis, interstitial cystitus, lower back pain from scoliosis and migraine headaches.  Lately, I have also been running low grade fevers along with chills.  I also have a tendency to vomit when I'm in pain and have lost about  30 lbs. in the last year due to nausea and vomitting.  I'm trying to maintain a weight of at least 100 lbs. There was talk of a gastric pacemaker; however, since I don't have diabetes, the surgeon said there was only a 50% chance of the pacemaker being of benefit.  Back to th latest problem, whenever I have the fever and chills, I just generally feel terrible.  There is extreme  fatigue, vomitting--back in September I lost 11 lbs.  The ER put me on an antibiotic and I felt better for a while.  October more antibiotics and I felt better for a while.  A couple of weeks ago 2 days in the hospital and more antibiotics and fluids via an IV.  Now I'm already starting to feel bad again.  Any suggestions.
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I underwent Ct scan today with both contrast and without.
I too eat Tums daily for chronic heartburn and have constant pain on my lower left side. I also experience a "rotten" feeling in my abdomen, like something just isn't right.
I've had been given Nexium 40mg, and now have benn prescribed Pariet.

The tech doing the scan left me for 5 minutes after the scan without the dye, then returned, and asked me if I had had abdominal cancer before.
I haven't.
It left me wondering on the drive home.

I turn 40 March 14th.
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I am sorry to hear about those findings.  

Without reviewing the films myself, I cannot give any probability whether it is cancer or not.

However, further evaluation is typically done to exclude pancreatic cancer in this setting.  An MRI, endoscopic ultrasound, or ERCP would be the next steps to exclude cancer.  They should be discussed with your personal physician, or in conjunction with a GI physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patients education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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